King calls Dr. Darling a Miracle Worker

Thursday, June 3, 2021
Rhonda King calls Dr. Scott Darling her “miracle worker” after procedures he conducted changed her life.
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“He is a miracle worker.”

These words are freely offered by Rhonda King when she talks about the care she has received from Scott Darling, D.O, RPVI, RVT, who sees patients inside the Fitzgibbon Hospital Outpatient Clinic but also practices venous and lymphatic medicine in Liberty. King was referred to Dr. Darling from Tammy Curry, Lymphedema Therapist at Fitzgibbon Hospital, because of the severity of her condition, having suffered from various severe conditions in her legs for more than 15 years.

King suffered from lymphedema and lipedema, two conditions that caused her legs to swell to a debilitating level. The condition caused her to suffer intense pain, but also significant embarrassment due to the size of her legs. In addition, her legs would seep fluid through her skin, causing embarrassing wetness to soak through her pant legs when she did manage to get out of her home.

“In 2005, I fell and ended up with a blood clot in my leg. The blood clot almost took my life, and I ended up in the hospital for four months. The fever that I got ended up damaging my lymph nodes, and one leg swelled twice as much as the other,” said King.

King developed a painful abscess — or a wound that would not heal — for more than two years. Since 2005, she developed new sores and experienced greater swelling. That all began to subside after she was referred to Dr. Darling.

“After he did a procedure on me, my leg began to heal in a matter of days,” said King. “It really is remarkable how quickly I started to have relief, after fighting this for so many years.”

King also suffered from a condition of hard, indurated skin frequently referred to as “elephantitis,” which is characterized by swelling and hardening of the skin. This condition can cause the legs to look and feel like wood. This condition added to her pain and sensitivity. She also experienced numerous staph infections and injuries to her legs through the years, which added to the trauma.

“I first saw Dr. Darling at the end of 2020 and had my last treatment in January. I have lost 80 pounds so far, which also has made a big difference in how I feel,” said King. “Much of that weight was the fluid that I have lost in my legs.”

“When I first saw Rhonda, her legs were in a pretty bad condition. We performed a venous ultrasound of her legs, which revealed chronic venous insufficiency causing her severe skin changes, swelling, lymphedema as well as lipedema. Lipedema is caused by fluid in the leg that has changed to fat,” said Dr. Darling. “We were able to do an ultrasound of her leg to find out why she was experiencing the significant swelling. Then we were able to do an endovenous laser ablation (EVLA) which began to decrease the swelling right away. We then referred her to a dietitian who has helped her change her diet to reduce the lipedema which has developed in her lower legs.”

The EVLA procedure is performed under local anesthesia and consists of a thin laser being inserted into a vein in the leg. The laser is then turned on, which causes the vein to seal shut. The body re-routes the blood flow to a more substantial vein near the bone of the leg. This results in a significant reduction in swelling very soon after the procedure is complete, Dr. Darling explained.

“I would recommend him highly. He cares about what is going on with you on the outside and the inside. I was scared to death, but he really takes the time to help you understand what is going to happen. (The procedure) didn’t hurt. And he calls to check on you,” said King. “He has called to check on me several times. He really cares about his patients.”

“Rhonda has experienced some dramatic results. And we just want people to know that we are here and are offering this service that really can change your life if you are suffering from lymphedema and swelling, or are experiencing varicose veins,” said Dr. Darling.

Varicose veins and spider veins, symptoms of vein disease, are often thought of as cosmetic conditions. However in many cases, these conditions cause increased swelling, pain, heaviness, fatigue and can ultimately lead to more serious and permanent conditions. The treatment of these conditions is often covered by medical insurance for the more than 80 million Americans who suffer from some sort of vein disease.

“I put my trust in Dr. Darling and God, believe me. Compare how I lived then to how I live now … and you are talking about two totally different things. People are no longer looking at me, and I am no longer self-conscious,” said King.

Dr. Darling is a board-certified vein expert and Diplomat of the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine. He has the highest possible credentials to diagnose vein disease using ultrasound technology, as well as interpret the results and provide the most state-of-the-art treatments available. To make an appointment to see Dr. Darling at the Fitzgibbon Outpatient Clinics, call his main office in Liberty at 816-792-3400.