County provides project update for Marshall Junction

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

During the Saline County Commission meeting on Tuesday morning, Jan. 26, Southern Commissioner Monte Fenner provided updates for the waterline at the Marshall Junction. He stated the crew for Rhodes Engineering were scheduled to move to Route H last Thursday. However, Rich Rhodes, the county engineer, informed the commission of a recent delay.

“We talked to Rich Rhodes yesterday morning, [Jan. 25], and he said that they had moved two of the crew members back to Sedalia, Friday,” Fenner explained. “They work four, 10-hour days each week.”

He added hopefully the crew would move toward Route H later in the morning on Jan. 26.

“They’re waiting on one easement on the northeast corner, and after they get it they’ll have that part of the junction finished,” Fenner said. “Then we’ll do H road and down here on Magnolia towards 240-41 Junction — there’s a short stretch — and then they’ll go back to the junction, finish on the southside.”

He noted he thinks the county’s contract to complete this part of the project runs to the middle of summer 2021.

“So they’re hopefully going to get all of it done by the summer,” Fenner said.

As it was mentioned at the commission meeting on Jan. 21, the waterline is 50 percent complete.

“ … Then like I said, we got a little stretch over on Magnolia that runs from about a mile south of the junction of 240-41,” Fenner added. “They’ll go up to that junction, go under 41 Highway there and that’s all of that project.”

He stated when the county began the Marshall Junction project, it was originally drafted as a five-year project.

“We opted to do it all at one time because we’re going to have a company here and that way we could get the whole project done at one time,” Fenner said. “Rather than come in and do pieces over a five-year period.”

He noted so far this winter Rhodes Engineering has been able to make a lot more progress, especially since rock has been slowing the crew down. Therefore, the goal remains the same — to have the waterline complete by the summer.

“That was in the bid and that was our plan,” Fenner said.

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