Club News: Daughters of Isabella Meeting Minutes – August 12, 2020

Monday, August 17, 2020

The Daughters of Isabella meeting was held Wednesday, Aug. 12, at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Marshall, with social distancing and face masks. Regent Dorothy Teeter called the meeting to order, and members recited the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. Chancellor Helen Girard read the opening prayer.

Roll call of Officers showed 10 present and two excused. Minutes of the last meeting held on June 10 were read and approved.

No regular meeting was to be held in July; however, it was decided to have a social and invite friends that later had to be canceled due to the virus.

Spiritual Activities were discussed. The regent gave a report on the First Saturday rosary for July 4 and Aug. 1. Ann Thorp talked about the movie “The Chosen Series” and said she had trouble getting it to play on the Parish’s TV. Even Fr. Tom had trouble. This will be looked into further. The regent reminded members that we gather as a group to say a special prayer for a deceased member either at the visitation or before Mass.

The recording secretary read the minutes of the June meeting. They were approved with one correction. The scribe reported the minutes were published in The Marshall Democrat-News.

Tracy Anderson gave the Treasurers Report.

The regent read international and state newsletters. The International Convention on Aug. 2-5 was canceled as well as the State Convention. It is time for the 990-N filing with the IRS. The regent read a thank you note from Mary McCoy, principal at St. Peter School for the D of I donation to the school.

There were no applications for membership as requested by the regent.

The Quarterly Audit report for May, June and July was presented by the auditors.

Standing Committees gave their report:

Welfare Committee: Maureen Burke had an idea for a sign that would say “Pray” and would be sold to those who would place the signs in their yards. It would not be a political sign as such. A motion was made by Anne Thorp and seconded by Sherri Grothaus that we purchase a minimum of 25 signs. The motion carried.

Maureen talked with Anne Thorp about some of the items she had in mind and Anne did research, both at Miller’s Pecans and Ozark River Popcorn. A motion was made by Sherri Grothaus and seconded by Christine Sause that D of I purchase popcorn and pecans to sell for a money maker. A committee has been formed to work on this project that includes Anne Thorp, Maureen Burkes, Tracy Anderson and Sherri Grothaus. A discussion was had about school supplies for St. Peter School; however, this was tabled and will be talked about for next year. A discussion was had about the rummage sale and it was agreed to cancel the event due to the virus.

Dorothy Teeter and Virginia Sprigg met Anita Harris at Applebee’s for lunch to celebrate her birthday. Virginia took food and visited with Mildred Gilliam weekly. Address change is to be sent to International for Betty Arth. Cards are being sent regularly to shut-ins by Anne Thorp.

Respect for Life and Youth Committee was reported on by Maureen and Christine. Maureen said the Thursday Night Movie Night has been postponed due to the virus. Christine gave a report regarding Youth and Confirmation. It is difficult to find someone who could take over as a Youth Group leader such as when Pam Whitney carried out this task. Sometimes people need to be asked, so keep in mind, if you see or hear someone you might think would fit the “role” don’t hesitate to ask.

Unfinished Business included the Blue Mass that continues to be postponed until Fall.

New Business: The next business meeting is Sept. 9 at the K of C Hall at 7 p.m. with the social starting at 6:30 p.m. Hostesses are Anne Thorp, Janet Craig and Karen Kreisel. Birthdays for August are Betty Arth on the 13th and Christine Sause on the 15th. The members read from the Obligation on Page 15.

Chancellor Helen Girard read the Spiritual Reflection and led a decade of the rosary and the closing prayer.

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