Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Stopping the spread of COVID-19

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Our federal government officialsí responsibility is to run the business of the country while protecting the United States and its people and treating all citizens fair and equal. Our officials, our people, and foreigners must respect our Constitution, our laws and our rights. We have no responsibility to citizens of another country that would like to live here. We have an immigration department for people to go through that want to live by our rules and become American citizens, but people with absence of respect for us and our laws choose to bypass our laws and enter this country on their terms, so we have millions of illegal people living here that bring with them plant, animal and human diseases, along with illegal drugs.

Uncontrolled an unsecured borders opens a country and its people to many problems. The southern border wall was started about 30 years ago and needs to be completed to stop the people that refuse to abide by our entry laws. The Democrats in Congress would rather fight with our president than take responsibility ... the coronavirus that started in China and moved to other countries creates another problem that we shouldnít have. As the coronavirus is new, much is unknown. The basic rules that apply to other diseases need to be followed, but many spoiled Americans choose to bypass the rules and go when and where they want and do what they want. In this day and time we must not only secure the border to illegals, but also control and test all people entering our country, both foreigners and reentry of our people that have a right to be here, because we canít allow them to bring diseases. It canít be said enough: government, protect our borders and our people. This is the number one health issue government is responsible for, but government canít do it all. Our citizens also need to do what they can to protect themselves and others. It will do no good to control and test legal entries if illegals arenít stopped and citizens donít make enough effort to stop the spread. Test all entries and quarantine those that donít pass the test and keep America clean. We know guarding our border works, as we have been able to keep African Swine disease out of our country that has been such a disaster in other parts of the world. We also have many people protecting themselves, some by living behind gated controlled entry. Letís do what we know works. Ö This is a wakeup call. Shutting a country down is a tremendous task, hardship, and expense that could have been avoided.

Ted Kusgen