Police Briefs: Oct. 14-17, 2019

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Marshall Police Department responded to the following calls for, Oct. 14-17 2019:

Monday, Oct. 14
—At 3:32 p.m., a male and female arrived at MPD for the female to make a report about fraud. The woman reported that an online acquaintance had started a GoFundMe fundraiser on her behalf for medical expenses in December 2018. She told an officer that the acquaintance always gave her reasons as to why she could not access the funds. She contacted GoFundMe directly, and said the acquaintance had advised her he provided his account information to another subject, who had withdrawn all of the funds. The total funds reported were $4,404.55. She reportedly started a complaint process with the company and was instructed to file a police report. She could only provide the acquaintance’s “first and last name” and a supposed location of Harrisburg, Penn. She also reported that she did not ask for him to start the fundraiser.

Tuesday, Oct. 15
—At 2:34 p.m., an Orscheln manager contacted MPD to report shoplifting. An officer arrived on scene and made contact with the caller, who was carrying packaging for a UTV side mirror. He explained he observed a subject remove the mirror from the packaging. The two were approached by a white male, who the caller stated he believed was the subject shoplifting. The male began reaching into his pockets. For officer safety, the officer advised he would detain him in handcuffs while conducting the investigation. The subject reportedly called out to a black male subject at a Camaro stating he wanted him to remove money from his pocket. The second male removed a small amount of cash from the subject’s pocket before the officer advised him to back away. He was escorted near the patrol vehicle, and another officer arrived on scene to remain with him as well as a female who was located in the Camaro. It was reported that the white male and the female had been observed by staff members selecting clothing items and then putting them down. The male was reportedly observed picking up the side mirror, taking it to the sporting goods section, and removing it from the box. He then reportedly attempted to conceal it in the pet supply section. The subject stated he put the mirror on an endcap inside the store. A search of his pockets revealed a torch-style lighter and two baggies with a crystalline substance. Another pocket contained 11 empty baggies. A computer inquiry revealed the white male to be a fugitive from justice from Macon County for failure to appear on original charge of possession of controlled substance with $20,000 cash only bond; and a fugitive from justice from Boone County for failure to appear on an original charge of child neglect, with $250 bond. The mirror was located inside the store. The other male granted consent to search the vehicle, which revealed an open cosmetics bag containing a glass pipe. The female stated the bag belonged to her but indicated she did not know the pipe was in it. She was placed under arrest. The other male subject was released from the scene.

Thursday, Oct. 17
—At approximately 12:48 a.m., an officer on patrol observed a vehicle traveling at 30 mph in a 25 mph zone. The officer made contact with the male driver who stated he believed it was OK to travel 5 mph over the speed limit. A computer inquiry revealed his driving status to be suspended through the state of Mississippi. He was placed under arrest. A search of the vehicle revealed a portable ashtray containing marijuana, as well as a digital scale. The male was transported to MPD, where he admitted the marijuana was his but believed the scale was left in the vehicle by a friend. He was issued several summonses and released from custody.

—At approximately 9:52 a.m., a Deer Creek Apartments manager contacted MPD in regard to a trespassed subject in someone’s apartment. The officer made contact with a female at the apartment and observed a male subject in the hallway holding an Exacto detail knife, which he was not holding in a threatening manner. He was placed under arrest and transported to MPD without incident. A computer inquiry revealed he was a fugitive from justice from Independence for failure to appear on original charge of traffic violation with a $600 cash only bond, but was outside of extradition limits.

—At approximately 9:21 a.m., a female came to MPD in regards to being threatened by a male subject. She advised an officer that the male supposedly had a “hit list” with her name on the list. She reported that the previous Tuesday evening, she was driving when the man cut in front of her in his vehicle and shouted her “head was next” and drove away, and also stated he threatened her several weeks prior. The reporting officer responded to the male’s ex-girlfriend’s place of employment, where a staff member reported having seen the male agitated and angry in the parking lot. Another staff member reportedly saw the man follow the ex-girlfriend around the building and another staff member called police for his removal.

After her shift, she responded to MPD and reported that the male once attempted to strike her father with a 2-by-4 and that he attempted to run her off the road on another occasion. The male subject was contacted by officers on a different shift and arrested for peace disturbance and assault.

Information is summarized from reports provided by Marshall Police Department. Not all reports are listed due to sensitive information and ongoing investigations.