Commission talks about sidewalk project's completion, gives an update on 165th Road

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Presiding Commissioner Kile Guthrey noted the sidewalk around the Saline County Courthouse should be completed by today Thursday, Sept. 12.

“Looks like the sidewalk should be wrapping up today,” Guthrey said.

Southern Commissioner Monte Fenner commended Matt Lyon, along with his construction crew ― and other outside sources who helped them ― for working hard to complete this project in a neat and timely fashion.

“They did a wonderful job,” Fenner said.

Guthrey noted he was impressed, especially since there were older gentlemen out there working alongside younger gentlemen. He thought it was a wonderful site.

“It was amazing watching those gentlemen work,” Guthrey said.

During a commission meeting Thursday morning, Sept. 12, Fenner gave an update on 165th Road after they finished discussing the sidewalk progress.

“165th Road, which has been closed the last two days, was opened yesterday [Wednesday] afternoon, [Sept. 11],” Fenner noted. “They're almost finished with the project. It will be opened until one day next week, and it will be closed for about two to three hours that day.”

Fenner stated the road is east of Cretcher. He added Cretcher is located on Route EE, between U.S. Highway 20 and Interstate 70.

“There's a small operation on the west, and then on the east Mike Martin's got the big blue silos,” Fenner noted. “Before you get to either operation it's right in the middle.”

The commission approved a scheduled special payment to issue a check for $37,102 for a new Tahoe for the Saline County Sheriff's Department.

Additionally, the commission approved a $485.37 check to Marriott Hotels for Circuit Clerk Becky Uhlich for their hotel rooms at their conference.

Due to those two checks, County Auditor Tara Vogelsmeier asked the commission if she could “go ahead and run all the checks of everything we have set up so far ― and go ahead and pay those out also.” The commission approved Vogelsmeier's request.

All were in attendance at the commission session, with the exception of Northern Commissioner Stephanie Gooden and County Clerk Debbie Russell.

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