Commissioners say river flooding projected, broadband project continues

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Areas along the Missouri River will most like see a rise in the river levels again this weekend, according to information from Southern District Commissioner Monte Fenner.

During a Saline County Commission meeting Thursday, May 9, Fenner reported the projected river levels for Saturday. The flood stage at Waverly is 20 feet. It is predicted the river will crest at 28.8 feet Saturday in that location. At Miami, it is projected to crest at 28.7 feet. The flood stage there is 18. Additionally, Glasgow’s flood stage is 25 feet, and the river is expected to crest at 32.7.

“So, the Missouri River is on the rise again and causing lots of pressure for all of our friends in the bottoms area,” Fenner said.

High water has primarily been a problem at the Missouri River this year. However, other portions of the county have seen damage to infrastructure. Fenner stated the Road and Bridge department has continued to monitor the county.

“They’ve got two different bridges out in the district that have got a lot of debris piled around them,” he said. “So we’re going to have to take a trackhoe out and take care of that problem.”

There are also three tubes that need to be replaced in various locations, and crews are waiting on more cooperative weather.

“We’ll be getting to that as soon as the weather settles down,” Fenner continued. “Otherwise, we continue to monitor the road problems that we have.”

Commissioners did not have any commission orders or requests to sign or review Thursday morning. During the meeting, Northern District Commissioner Stephanie Gooden provided an update on the broadband Internet project.

According to Gooden, the county and Marshall Municipal Utilities are together applying for a USDA Reconnect grant in the amount of roughly $600,000. If approved, the first project area will span a 2-mile radius from Marshall into the county. The radius will continue to expand as funds are distributed.

“… we have to go from the city of Marshall because that’s where the service is,” Gooden explained.

Commissioners have been going door to door to talk with residents about broadband Internet. They have pre-subscription forms that are required by the grant.

“’If you have a farm or a business to make $1,000 or more a year in goods or services, would you consider subscribing to broadband Internet?’” Gooden read from the form.

She explained that broadband is not satellite or DSL service. There’s no interference because it’s a hard cable buried directly to the residence, she said. It also has 100 MB per second download and upload speeds. County residents wanting to learn more about the project can go to the County Commission office at Saline County Courthouse from 8:30-11:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, or call the office at 660-886-7777.

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