Letter to the Editor

Letter to the editor

Friday, December 21, 2018

In your Dec. 17 issue, Mr. Ed Richards said I wasn’t from here, so what? I’ve been a resident and registered voter in Saline County for 15 years and felt Saline County should be informed of the redistricting “weakening” efforts to come. As a retired journalist, I failed to name sources: The Kansas City Star, New York Times and St. Louis Post Dispatch.

He’s correct that the Missouri Legislature doesn’t have lame ducks; they have caucuses and brainstorming sessions. But let’s not quibble. Since my letter of Dec. 7, many Missouri news outlets have covered and reported further on these GOP meetings and plans to unravel Amendment 1 redistricting which they see as favoring Democrats.

Don’t take my word. Fine reporting can be Googled searching Missouri Legislature Fair Missouri.

As to the new redistricting, Matt Harris, Park University political science professor says, “This would take the politics out of the process of redistricting and try to actually create some competitive districts.”

Amendment 1 designates the state auditor pick a non-partisan mapmaker, who then gets approved by the legislature to draw new districts. This has to happen following the 2020 census.

The GOP feels threatened it will dilute their power, but are aware changes to an amendment are illegal unless voted on by the electorate. In steps Fair Missouri, a political action committee or PAC, which has received a $150K donation, are considering placing an amendment to Amendment 1 on a future election ballot, according to Fox 4 Kansas City.

Dave Drebes, publisher of the Missouri Scout, has a more finely detailed description in the St. Louis Business Journal.


Holly Forsman


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