Warranty deeds filed in Saline County from Aug. 28-Aug. 31, 2018:

Monday, September 10, 2018

Michelle Kay & William J. Smith to Cabin Dreams Holdings, LLC, pt. NE of S3 T48 R21.

Michelle Kay & William J. Smith to Montana Missouri Holdings, LLC, pt. SW of S35 T49 R21.

Michelle Kay & William J. Smith to Timberline Valley Holdings, LLC, pt. NW of S3 T48 R21.

Wanda Gossett to Sara Danielle Clark Self Supplemental Needs Trust, Lots 31 & 32, Bagby Subdivision #2 Ad., Marshall.

Bryan & Joyce Megan Simpson to Segacious, LLC, Lots 19 & 20, Blk. 22, English Ad., Marshall.

David P., Prince A., & Shawn A. Rhoades to Daniel J. Arends, pt. SW of S1 T51 R20.

Marie E. Swisher to Marshall Investment Partners, LLC, Original Town-Marshall.

Gerald Wesley & Jeanine Ann Gray to Deborah J. Cornine, Lot 40, Leawood Ad., Marshall.

Robert V. Duncan, Horse Surround Acres, LLC & Annette L. Sobel to Roy O. Jumps & Stephanie A. Powell Jumps, pt. SW of S27 T49 R20.