Truth of love: Life

Friday, September 15, 2017

Thirty-five years ago, I received an abrupt phone call from my Mom, “Relation (name withheld) got his girlfriend pregnant and they are going to abort. You better do something.” Mother hung up, leaving me stunned, staring at the phone.

My husband and I prayerfully discussed it. Were we going to spout rhetoric or do everything in our means to save a baby and the peace of two young souls? A list of options was created and presented to the young woman with her partner, as witness for his part and responsibility.

1. You can go to an unwed mother’s home, deciding to keep the baby or on adoption.

2a. You can live with us, have the baby, and choose between adoption or keeping the child.

2b. If choosing adoption, you can screen/pick the adoptive parents or…

2c. The baby can be turned over to a reputable adoption agency or state agency.

3. The infant can be put in state foster care until you are ready for the child.

4. We can be the foster parents to the infant through the state legal system with you being allowed to see the child anytime.

5. We will raise the baby for you as long as you want without being legal foster parents, arranging private power of attorney for medical/education for the child.

6. You and the baby can live with us until the child is 18.

7. You and the child can live with us for as long as you want.

Upon finishing the list I asked the couple a question, “If you knew you would never again have a child would you murder this baby?”

My relation wanted to marry the girl and was surprised when I informed her, in front of him, that she could marry but was not obligated, as all options except abortion were available. They chose to marry, had more children, and sadly divorced years later. The good news is that the first born, the girl who would have been aborted, is today a 34-year-old married mother of two and a high school teacher.

Tragically, the world mammon system has convinced many that abortion is the best answer, that there is no right or wrong, there is only self and the dollar. The media promotes the large money making abortion industry. It is now a known fact that human baby parts are sold. The mammon worship in this country has babies aborted while childless couples pay anywhere from $100,000 to $250,000 dollars to adopt babies from other countries. Then there are the men who don’t want to pay child support, not to mention selfish grandparents. Mammon is more important to many, more important than the life of a human being.

Yeshua/Jesus said. “…you cannot serve God and mammon.” (read Luke 16:13 and Matthew 6:24)

Through the years our option list would save not just a baby at risk but benefited men and women guilty of abortion. Women coming for ministerial guidance after abortions said if given those options they would never have aborted but still they needed help, they needed healing.

There are reasons people participate in abortions, they are hurting, confused, overwhelmed by societal/family pressures, lack of support, feeling trapped because they are told abort or keep and not given the third option of adoption and then there are the few who are selfish, not understanding immorality or amorality.

Truth is they have never met Yeshua/Jesus the Christ. They do not know that he will answer them in their distress. They do not know they are in need of true salvation. Once meeting the Lord, reasons can not be excuses for not repenting but emotional and spiritual support is still needed. We can help, loving people back to Messiah, guiding them to repentance and healing. It may take time but how much is a life worth? How much the peace and healing of a soul? How much for eternal life?

We need to pray not just to stop abortions but for all those that participate in them, for those that have not met our God, who is perfect love. Never should we agree with sin, reasons for sinning are not acceptable excuses to our Lord, but we can empathize. Our Lord desires sincere repentance, but it must be not from our condemnation but from our tearful prayers and our unconditional love.

I thank the Lord that my mom made that phone call, for it spurred us on to develop a list of alternatives. The question is what are you willing to do? I can’t answer that but there is one who can. Ruach Ha Kodesh, the Holy Spirit, will guide you as you ask the Father in the name of Yeshua/Jesus, what to do. We can all do something, in the love of Messiah, even if it is just one phone call.

Blessings, shalom.