Slater City Council hears pool review, past events and electricity cost

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Slater City Council discussed a number of topics at its meeting Tuesday, Aug. 16.

Slater Pool Manager Bailey Griffith and lifeguard Regan Peeples also addressed the council with a review of how business went at the pool over the summer.

"We had a great year this year," Griffith said. "Our attendance stayed up throughout the entire summer, which is something we haven't seen in past years."

Griffith stated the two fund raisers, movie night and the "Splish Splash Bash," were both a big success and contributed greatly to the success of the year as a whole. More than $5,000 was raised this year, which will go towards bathroom renovations in the future.

"We couldn't be more thankful for everybody's support," she said.

Also during the mayor's report Allegri expanded on the recent influx of weed letters that have been sent out by the city. He stated for this time of year it's unusual to see the large amount of letters being sent out. According to his report there were more than 30 letters sent out this past month, and he advised that when the lawn reaches seven inches in height it is in violation.

Allegri also mentioned what a success the tractor pull was, estimating more than 300 people made their way out throughout the day. The upcoming fall festival was also highlighted as it will be coming up Sept. 15, 16 and 17.

"It's just a wonderful event, it's something that you just don't see in the city," Allegri said. "It's safe, it's fun everybody knows where their kids are ..."

Allegri also took time to address a number of concerns he has received about high electric bills. During discussion it was noted their were quite a few bills that stretched into the mid $300, some reaching more than $400 and even more for area businesses. Allegri said he understands the shock some may feel when the bills come in all at once but said when looking at the scenario from a day-to-day point of view makes a difference.

"Say you have a $400 light bill ... what that boils down to is $13 a day ... last Thursday, when the heat index was 113 degrees, if somebody knocked on my door and said I'll give you water, I'll give you trash (service), I'll keep you cool, I'll flush your stools for $13 a day, I'd probably say here's $15."

The council also passed the city tax rate in the form of an ordinance at the meeting.

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