Warranty deeds filed in Saline County from June 9 through June 15, 2015:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Jean R. & Robert M. Jr. Edwards to Anita K. & Christopher A. Edwards, pt NE of S26 T50 R23.

Shawnn R. Guthrie, Sidney Thomas-Guthrie, Stefen R. Guthrie, Stephanie R. Henderson & Thearon Henderson to Shawnn R. Guthrie, Stefen R. Guthrie & Stephanie R. Henderson, pt NW of S30 T50 R23, Lots 21-25, Blk. 8, Original Town & Lots 15 & 16, Blk. 1, Original Town, all in Nelson.

John L. & Joyce A. Vinson to Wan Heng Ng & Stephen Stroade, Lot 67, Blk. 17, Binghams Ad., Arrow Rock.

Deanna & Michael G. Donnell to Janie D. & Michael Heath Morgan, Lot 10, Westport Estates 3rd, Marshall.

Janie D. & Michael H. Morgan to Julie M. Schwetz, Lot 27, Westport Estates I Ad., Marshall.

Billy W. & Joyce E. Ramey to Nicholas Griffitt, Lot 24, East Marshall Ad., Marshall.

Alec A. Riedel to Alfred A. and Evelyn Ann Riedel Trust, pt SW of S31 T53 R20.

Deborah L. & Stanley C. Hinnah to Courtney M. Arndt, Lots 4-6, Henry Ad., Slater.

Charity D. & Jon C. Eidson to Diane E. & John A. Bartholomew, Lots 12-14, Goldin Hills Sub., Marshall.

Betty S. Powen to Terry L. Gilliland & Betty S. Powen, Lots 5, Blk. 5, West Ad., Slater.

Richard Crowell to Harris Business Consulting, LLC, Lots 18, 21, 22 & 25, Mariva Town of Malta Bend.