Biologicals: The way of today!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Q. I'v been seeing great testimonies and strong research in the area of Biologicals, are you experiencing a greater demand from farmers in 2015?

A. We certainly are, and we couldn't be more excited to spread the word! We have literally had our phones ringing off the hook, not just from farmers that are hearing about what biologicals have to offer but also, from farmers that had a hefty increase in yield by adding biologicals to their current program this past year.

I have seen, felt and experienced the big yields, as being the top researcher with my main study being biologicals here at the Research Farm Center (RFC)™ on The Farm™ in Garden City. I am proud to say that the research of biologicals is my passion.

Bringing farmers an increase in yield while having a good return on investment. Research has brought us far and helped us appreciate the aspect of biologicals while at the same time giving me the opportunity to spotlight the areas I knew that we could do even better.

This is what drives me -- research to increase yield. I want to save you money, make you money and save you time. Biologicals are proving to do just that and it's great to see that the farmers that tried it last year are the first ones in line to buy it this year, along with who they've shared the news.

Q. Could you explain some of the ingredients in biologicals and how that helps my soil and plant health?

A. One of our most popular biologicals contains a cold process sweetener this serves the soil and plant in several different ways.

The cold process sweetener is a natural pesticide, it is not digestible by most pest and insects so they steer clear all together or if they do partake they die shortly after. This is allowing some farmers to decrease the amount of pesticides they use or in some cases eliminate the use of them altogether. Also, the sweetener is like an energy drink for the soil and plant. It gives your plant energy and vigor.

We use more than 10 live and active microorganisms -- this I compare to humans eating yogurt for the probiotics that help us keep a healthy digestive system and a healthy immune system.

The microorganisms unleash your bound nutrients that are currently in your soil allowing them to now go to work for you and your plants health. They compliment your unbound nutrients while adding just the right mix to give your root and plant the strength and vitality it deserves.

Now that your soil is in prime condition to support the root growth, you will notice a bigger root ball with a fast shoot. The root health is vital because a larger root ball means a few things, better water uptake, better nutrient uptake and better signaling of all the plants functions and defenses.

Biologicals give a healthier cell wall, which produces a stronger stalk and thicker stalk. This helps give the plant better defenses all the way around.

As the nutrients and microorganisms move from the soil to the root, then root to the cell wall and up into the stems and leaves, you can see the connection and importance of the nutrient highway. The stems act as a road to the leaves, allowing the nutrients (cold processed sweetener and microorganisms to reach your leaves so they can work along with the leaves natural defenses against pest and disease.

Seeing is believing! This is a low cost investment that works well with current programs and a good return!