"Money Habitudes" is the topic for next Curiosity Club

Friday, December 5, 2014

People unexpectedly began sharing their stories and secrets about money with Syble Solomon during workshops on life transitions. Seemingly rational, intelligent men and women would confide their irrational behavior related to money. Even though they knew better, they would continue to make poor money choices.

Why would people do this? Intrigued, Solomon decided to research the financial, psychological and behavioral economics to find answers and became determined to find a way to help people break the taboo of not talking about money and to get them thinking openly and honestly about their relationship with money.

Now, Trish Savage, family education specialist with the Saline County Extension Office, is bringing the fruits of Solomon's research to the Marshall Public Library's Curiosity Club. Savage plans to use the money habitudes playing cards developed by Syble Solomon in her program, "Money Habitudes" at the Marshall Senior Center, Wednesday, Dec. 10, at 1 pm.

Savage said, "This program for the Curiosity Club involves a fun, game-like activity that has participants review their habits and attitudes as they think about statements related to money. It can lead to discovering an underlying 'money personality' which generally directs decisions in how money is spent or not spent."

Savage added, "The playing cards were developed with testing on diverse focus groups and were reviewed by professionals including educators, financial planners and accountants."

Wicky Sleight, director of Marshall Public Library, said, "Everyone is invited to bring a healthy dose of curiosity to the Curiosity Club meeting. Savage is an engaging, informative speaker. I think anyone would enjoy participating in her programs."

The partnership between the Curiosity Club and extension office is a good fit as MU Extension strives to connect individuals and communities with the resources of the University of Missouri to provide access to practical education and research that will help them solve problems, develop skills and build a better future.

All ages are welcome and lunch is served at the center from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. for those who would like to eat before the program. There is a nominal fee for the meal, which includes meat loaf or chicken pot pie, sides and coconut cream pie.

The third Curiosity Club meeting will be Wednesday, Jan. 14 at 1 pm at Marshall Senior Center. "All About Guns" will be led by Amber Ballenger of A&J Guns. Ballenger is a certified instructor for conceal and carry, and the program is designed for anyone curious about the different kinds of guns.

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