MFA staff veterinarian speaks at Santa Fe Agri-Leaders meeting

Monday, February 24, 2014
Tony Martin, staff veterinarian from MFA, Inc, spoke about cattle health and vaccinations at the Santa Fe Agri-Leaders infomational meeting on Monday, Feb. 17, in Alma. (Kelly Melies/Democrat-News)

The Santa Fe Agri-Leaders continued their educational meeting with Tony Martin, staff veterinarian from MFA, Inc. on Monday, Feb. 17.

Martin spoke about health concerns for cattle, current vaccines and other issues concerning the treatment and care of cattle.

He said a main concern for cattle was trichomoniasis, commonly known as trich.

"I put this at the top of the list because it is an important one," Martin said. "Regulations are different in each state for testing for trich in bulls."

He said the disease comes with an infected bull.

Other diseases to look out for are anaplasmosis, problems occurring from the ergot fungus and scours.

Martin said there are many vaccines out to treat these diseases like the modified live virus, or MLV, BoviShield One-Shot combination, and new vaccines like Nupluna-PH and the Once PMH IN (inter-nasal).

"I like to focus my attention on the prevention, management and nutrition aspect and save the vaccines for last," he said.

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