Slater FFA members talk about their favorite part of FFA

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Jordan Allen
One of the many things that I have enjoyed about being in FFA this year is that, not only have I had a lot of fun and made a lot of new friends, but I've opened up and tried new things; like deciding to run for an office. I still remember when we held the elections for office, because I was about as scared as it gets. It was much of a relief when I was through with everything in elections, because I felt confident in what I had just done. That was when I started becoming more confident in myself, and that's all thanks to opening up and not being afraid to run. I now hold the office of being a reporter. Being the reporter, at all the events and things that we go do, I take pictures, and also record our activities to the community. I like being an officer because I feel like I have even more of a part in what we do, and also I feel like a leader. Even after this year I will probably continue to run for a higher office, and continue to until I graduate.

Anne Baker
In the late fall of 2013, the Slater FFA group had our Barnwarming. But unlike most schools, we didn't celebrate ours with a dance. We went to Crown Center in Kansas City. The main activity to do was ice skating, but you could also go to SeaWorld, Lego City, and of course Hallmark's Mall. We arrived at KC on an early Saturday morning and stayed there until around 5 p.m. The king candidates were Tristian Griffith, Austin Eddy, and Tim Simmons. The queen candidates were Stephanie Borgman, Anne Baker, and Shelby Bagnell. Congratulations goes to Austin Eddy and Stephanie Borgman for winning the Barnwarming King and Queen. All in all it was a great time that helped me become even more acquainted with my fellow FFA members and I am excited to see what we will do in the future for Barnwarming.

Brice Breshears
I was helping with the FFA and 4-H livestock show this past year. I was helping setup the fences and get the gates setup and in position. We set some of them up wrong though and had to move all of it over which wasn't easy because it was all heavy and it took two people to move just one. I actually thought it was fun to help out with everything. I was there about an hour and a half and I got there about seven to start. We were also selling soda at a concession stand and I was helping out with that when we finished the fences.

Caitlyn Clements
In October of 2013, the FFA sold fruit for their chapter. We sold it the first two weeks in October. When I sold fruit, I had a lot of neighbors and family contribute to the FFA. I took a lot of time to sell fruit because I wanted to help contribute to my FFA chapter because this was my first year in FFA; also, I wanted to be the highest seller. So I went to all my neighbors and asked them politely if they would buy from me to help out our FFA Chapter. They were very generous and helped out as much as they could. So after about two months, the fruit was in and now was time to deliver it. So we gathered up all of my fruit and my mom and I delivered it. We spent from the time I got out of school which was at 3 p.m. and we spent the whole afternoon delivering fruit. We got home about 10 in the evening. It took a lot of time but after a little of hard work and effort put into selling fruit, I was the top FFA seller and I ended up selling over 1,600 dollars worth of FFA fruit. As a reward for being the top seller, I got $100.

Justin Cortez
In my agriculture class I've learned so much this year and had lots of fun. This is my first year in Slater High School as a sophomore. I've made many friends in my agriculture class and in my other classes as well. In my agriculture class we've learned everything from entomology to soils and now were learning meats and its very exciting to learn where all the cuts of meat are from. I hope to learn more and make friends in agriculture and FFA. This is my first year in agriculture and FFA, and it won't be my last.

Kara Davis
Hi, my name is Kara Davis. I am an FFA member at Slater High School. Last year I made top 25. We went to Omaha, Nebraska. We went to the mall there, but they didn't have anything opened so we thought maybe they were closed for the day or about to open because maybe it was new. So, we left and went to eat. Then, we went to the baseball game in Omaha, Nebraska. It was fun. They did different things on the field with different students from different schools. One thing they did was put a bat to their heads and they would have to spend around with the bat on their foreheads. It was funny because after they got done they were dizzy. They had to see how far they could walk when they got done. They didn't make it very far. We left the game early and then we went back to our hotel and hung out. It was a fun trip. I enjoyed spending time with the students who made top 25. I would love to go back to Omaha, Nebraska again or just on top 25 trip because Omaha, Nebraska was a blast and they have different things you can do and go see. Even if we didn't go to Omaha, Nebraska, it would still be fun to go on top 25 again because it was a blast.

Nic Ess
In June I went to a camp called Camp Rising Sun. This camp is a week long and is for all the Missouri FFA members. I would recommend any FFA member to go to FFA camp. It is a very fun and learning experience. You meet a lot of cool and fun people. You get to spend a week on the Lake of the Ozarks. If you go to 13 Leadership events, you can also earn your state leadership medal. I spent most of my week on the waterfront. I swam, skied, disked, and canoed. I also got the opportunity to go to Lin Creek twice to shoot clay pigeons. Camp Rising Sun was a very fun time. I plan to go back again next year!

Seth Ferguson
The washers tournament was very fun even though my team lost. It was surprising to see that there were so many competitive people playing. After I lost to Mr. Crews and Spencer Peel, I watched everyone else play. While everyone was playing washers, the ice cream truck came and everybody got ice cream. The ice cream truck had huge Bomb Pops and SpongeBob and Batman popsicles and they were pretty good.

Albert Foster
My SAE in the National FFA Organization is showing hogs. I enjoyed doing this year because of many reasons. The main reason is because I was able to start raising livestock which I enjoyed a lot. This year I plan to buy a gilt and start breeding hogs by myself. I also enjoyed showing hogs this past summer because I get to learn more about hogs and how to show. I also get to compete against others while making new friends. In my mind the best part of it all it that everyone that shows hogs and their parents are more worried about helping others and helping them succeed than winning themselves.

Dalton Griffith
This past June, I went to the FFA Camp Rising Sun at the Lake of the Ozarks. I had a lot of fun. At camp, we participated in many events and activities such as workshops, canoeing, leadership activities, vespers, and much more. Some things that we were talked to about were some of the opportunities that FFA could give us and some job fields that it includes. FFA camp was a vey good experience for me and I'm very excited to go back. It allowed me to meet new people and was a good bonding experience for the chapter.

Abbey Hollon
You can get scholarships to help you with college by just getting all of your awards and participating in FFA and meeting the requirements. Scholarships are hard to get so it's just a way for you to earn some scholarships and it'll help you through college. They're not huge scholarships but every little bit helps, because college is so expensive and you need a college degree to get good job that you earn a lot of money at. Some scholarships that you can get throughout the four years you're in high school, are like you can get scholarships for your SAE project, your grade, what you're during FFA, and just if you're an outstanding student and you stand out against everyone else. Getting a scholarship for FFA is just like getting a scholarship for sports, you have to work hard and always have a goal in mind or something to work towards. That way you really don't want to give up and it gives you a sense of accomplishment when your name gets called for a scholarship. Because it means you stood out and you worked extremely hard to get that scholarship.

Virgil Hosteller
Ice skating was fun even though I didn't skate. I just hung out at the mall and ran up and down the escalators. I walked in many of the stores but did not buy anything. I was more or less just checking out the girls, but hey, what can I say. I'm a guy, that's what we do right? ... Anyway, I met a lot of people, some not so nice but I showed them what's up so it was okay. I watched people skate for a little while then I put on some skates and went out there but like I said at the beginning of this article, I didn't skate because the skates hurt my ankles. So I grabbed some hot chocolate and chilled at a bench until it was time to go. But I can honestly say it was a fun experience.

Lawton Johnson
My SAE project is showing pigs. I show pigs with my little brother. We go to shows all over the state of Missouri. When my little brother and I go to a pig show, we pack feed, buckets, gates and the show box on the trail. When I get to the pig show, we unload the trailer, then we go get the registration card, then we go weight the pigs in at the scale. Then, I wait until they put up the class. They sit up the class by weigh and the breed of the pig. Before, my little brother and I wash and condition the pigs with Champion Choice. Then, I feed and water the pigs before the show to get them full up. I wait until they call the class I am in, then I go to the holding pen. I been showing pigs since I was three. I suggest anyone to try showing pigs.

Makayla Miller
In the fall of 2013, Slater FFA hosted our annual Ice Cream Social. In this event the FFA members sold tickets and later served ice cream and cake to the public. It was a fundraiser that helped support our wonderful chapter. This takes place every year during the Fall Festival. It is important because it helps our members prepare for future public speaking and interaction with all people. It is so much fun to see all of the smiling faces when you hand over a nice big piece of cake. I am only a freshman and I definitely look forward to doing it next year. There was a huge turnout and it seemed as if everyone enjoyed themselves.

Jensen Peel
In the fall of 2013, the area Greenhand kids all went to Marshall to gather and talk about FFA. When we went to this conference we all got different color stickers and then they split us up into different groups of the corresponding colors. Then we went to different rooms and then different area officers came in and talked to us about activities in the FFA. They talked to us about Supervised Agricultural Experience and what some good ideas would be for those. They also talked about different career development events and what categories there were in those. Also, they talked about different leadership conferences we could go to. After this, we all joined back together and the Missouri state FFA president came in and talked to us. Her speech was very interesting and really made me think about my future in FFA. I really enjoyed this conference because I got to meet a lot of new friends. And I can't wait until the next fun activity in FFA.

Lauren Reeter
Last summer in the beginning of June, I went to FFA camp. Throughout the summer, many Missouri FFA chapters go to this camp as it's the only FFA camp in Missouri. At FFA camp, you get woken up at the ripe hour of 6 a.m.. There was at least one Leadership workshop you had to go to each day, but other than that, you could choose what to do. You could go to the waterfront where there were many aquatic activities; you could play basketball or volleyball; you could attend other leadership workshops; and other things. One night, we had a dance and another night, we went and listened to people sing. If you did 13 activities besides the mandatory ones, you could achieve your leadership pin. Many people achieved this, including me. I thought FFA camp was really fun and it was great meeting new people. I really liked camp and hope to go again this year.

Tim Simmons
There are several events I liked this year, but my favorite event this year was Barnwarming. Barnwarming was very fun. We went to Crown Center in Kansas City. I had fun and went to the mall and ate chicken. I looked around the mall with my friends and I bought a knife that I use to hunt with. I still have the knife today, it's the best knife I have. We stayed there for two hours and I went to skate for a little bit. Then we went home.

Lindsey Smith
My name is Lindsey and I'm going to tell you about my first time at camp, which was last year. On my way to camp, I was wondering what I was going to end up doing at camp because I knew nothing about it and didn't know what I wanted to do or what I could do. I was very excited to go, I couldn't wait to get there. When I got there, I was scared because I'm not one of those people that are good at making new friends. I'm one of those people that don't talk to people I don't know, but other than that, I couldn't wait to see where I would be sleeping and what choices of activities I had throughout the time we were there. I had fun. I met new people like the state officers which were Abrea Mizer, Dan Haynes, Tanner Adkins, and Rylyn Small. The officers were very nice and outgoing. I had lots of stuff to do, to explore. I went down to do some of the water activities, the ones I did was swim and disking. I also did everything I could to get my leadership pin. They had activities throughout the day for everyone to do so we could get to know each other better, being we were going to be there with each other for a week. We had cabins with different people. We had lunch duties and had to keep our cabins clean because the camp leaders would do a cabin inspection and we got points for our cabins being clean. I had a good camp experience. I can't wait to go this year. I had lots of fun.

Ryan Smith
Many years ago, my grandparents decided to start a very fascinating business. This business just happened to be beekeeping. And my dad has been working bees for the past countless years, and he really likes it. So when my brother turned 13, he was asked to help my dad and my uncle in the summer. So he went to work full time in the summer, and did a really good job in helping the family business. When I finally turned 12, I needed to start working, and I was really looking forward to working. I work in beekeeping for my FFA SAE project. My family has around 400 bee hives. We have to go around and work in the bees every day. So that is my SAE project for the rest of my high school career. And I am hoping that I can take over the family business someday in the future.

Gahaige Usherray
Over the past year I had purchased chickens for my SAE project. When I bought them they were yellow and small as a fist. For the first couple weeks I fed them grounded-up corn. Then I made a pen for them and started giving them cracked corn and laying feed. By this time they weren't little chickens anymore, they were tall enough to peck my knee. Now they are as big as a head, maybe bigger. That's my SAE for Slater A.G.

Christian Venable
During the last week of October, ten members of our Slater FFA chapter, including myself, went to Louisville, Kentucky to attend the 86th National FFA Convention. When we arrived at Louisville on a Wednesday, we went to opening session in the Kentucky Convention Center, which consisted of an introduction of the whole Convention and what our week would consist of.

The second day we were there, we got to attend the Career Fair, which included multiple educational booths provided by many different Agriculture colleges across the country. There were also many booths put on by Agricultural businesses in which they had different activities and gave out some prizes. This, by far, was my favorite part of the Convention. At one end of the Career Fair, there was an FFA mall, consisting of the National FFA store, and many other stores to choose from.

The third day, after attending a few sessions, we attended a rodeo. It was a great experience for all of us, and we got to see many people we had met throughout our years in FFA, and met new ones. Friday, we got to experience some places most people may never get to see -- we toured Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby. This was a great time for everyone who went. We also went to Louisville Slugger, but only got to visit the gift shop. That night, we visited a laser tag/mini golf/arcade.

Early Saturday morning, we had to attend the final session, which was the handing out of American Degrees. We had to wake up early and attend this session until all of Missouri was called across stage. Then, we began our journey home. I strongly recommend anyone that is an eligible FFA member to try and go to thNational Convention. It is a great time for everyone.