Dierker uses all-natural fertilizer for farming

Monday, October 21, 2013
Keith Dierker counts soybean pods with upwards of 70 pods on this particular plant. (Kelly Melies/Democrat-News)

It's that time of year when farmers everywhere are beginning, or continuing, their harvesting of spring planting. For a local farmer, expecting a large yield for his soybean crop is readily anticipated.

Keith Dierker, who farms for Chester and Dennis Nolte just west of Marshall, has been in the farming community his whole life. He is preparing to harvest and is expecting a higher than average yield this year on his soybean crop. Getting 60 to 70 pods per plant and sometimes the abnormal four or five beans per pod, as he has done this year, it should equal a high yield.

Explaining his expectant high yield, Dierker uses an all-natural fertilizer. There are many benefits to using all-natural fertilizers.

"It's that much more healthier. And not just for the people, but for the ground," Dierker said.

With this fertilizer, a topical application is used.

"It absorbs through the leaves and then it goes into the infrastructure of the plant," Dierker said. These types of fertilizers can put nutrients back in the soil, allow easier absorption for the plants intake and are all-around more healthier.

Dierker goes on to explain how beneficial this natural fertilizer is for the control of weeds.

"The weed is there because the soil is missing something, a nutrient," he said.

He believes if you put that nutrient back in the soil, then the weed problem would be controlled.

After the hard work of applying the topical fertilizer and tending to his crops, Dierker is waiting for harvest to see the fruits of his labor.

Dierker has also extended the use of his fertilizer to growing a garden of tomatoes and peppers, among other vegetables, and has become something of a full-time gardner. And, with six kids to feed, that might come in handy.

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