MVC announces Spring 2013 Dean's List

Monday, June 10, 2013

Dr. Sharon Weiser, vice president of academic affairs for Missouri Valley College, has announced the Spring 2013 Dean's List.

The following students were named to that list: Emily Adams, Alexander Avilez, Melissa Billingsley, Sheea Carter-White, Kelly Cary, Brett Clause, Karina Diaz, Felicia Dillon, Emily Duvall, Carly Eades, Joane-Shirley Eshun, Jeanine Falls, Katherine Flores, Sarah Gerlt, Ariel Green, Brenda Gutierrez, Tamara Hartfield, Angela Hensley, Elizabeth Hood, Zachary Hughart, Virginia Hutcherson, Evan Johnson, Cortney Jolliff, Aaron Laxon, Caitlin Lobaugh, Crystal Lozano, Jennifer Lutz, Michael Marburger, Paul Marquand, Preston Alex Mckinney, Katelyn Olvera, Stefany Prindle, Darren Ralston, Rebecca Richardson, Tyrone Ritter, Summer Sistad, Allison Thomas, Mike Topps, Jacquelyn Untiedt, Beatriz Villatoro, Miranda Warren, Sandra Dawn Wheeler, Sashary White, Sara Willis and Henry Yeagle, all of Marshall; Jacqueline Clements and Landon Hartline, both of Miami; Catherine Rachael Connell, James Eby, Rachel Gonzalez, Mary Holt, Joshua Hubbard, Ashley Owens, Robert Pannell and Samuel Spurgin, all of Slater; Nicholas Jenkins and Zachary Thomas, both of Sweet Springs; Becky Plattner of Grand Pass; Sylvia Price of Blackwater; Kelsea Taylor of Gilliam; and Emily Vesser of Nelson.

The requirements for the dean's list are a 3.3 or higher GPA, at least 12 graded hours for the semester and no "D", "F" or "incomplete" grades for the semester.