Commissioner concerned about flood plain changes

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Northern District Commissioner Norvelle Brown expressed concern during a county commission meeting on Tuesday, July 26, about flood plains in the Carroll County area. His concerned stemmed from a meeting he attended the previous night in Norborne.

Due to miscommunication between FEMA, SEMA and government flood map makers, flood maps were made incorrectly, and property in Carroll County that has not been flooded for at least 50 years is now in a flood plain.

"They've thrown all these statistics into a computer, and I guess the problem (of being in a flood plain) is greater now because of dredges and levees," Brown said.

Brown said this has caused a number of problems for Carroll County residents, and he expects these problems to float down the river to Saline County soon. Brown noted this is especially problematic because the time to address concerns to government officials regarding flood maps has long passed.

"It's just one mess," Brown said.

County Road and Bridge Supervisor Justin Cowart announced during the session that the bridge culvert project on Holly Avenue has been completed. Cowart also said his crew is working on a road bank erosion problem on Novel Avenue this week.

Presiding Commissioner Tom Stallings reported that he had been working in conjunction with Local Emergency Planning Committee coordinator Russ Donnell and State Emergency Management Agency area director Maureen Burke to update Saline County's emergency operations plan for SEMA. The plan has not been updated since 2004.

Saline County Clerk Debbie Russell announced representatives from Senator Roy Blunt's office will be on the second floor of the courthouse to do a listening post on July 25 from 10 to 11 a.m.

The commission also approved seven liquor licenses for various businesses in Saline County.

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