SWCD needs cost share documentation by June 30

Monday, April 30, 2012


District Conservationist

As we approach the end of the construction season for terraces and waterways this spring, please remember to get the documentation to your local Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) needed to claim your cost share. Payments need to be requested before the end of June which is the end of the state fiscal year, so landowners need to have all documentation submitted to the SWCD office by June 1.

It is important to get the payment requests submitted because failing to submit in this year causes the payment to be made using funds from next year's allocation for the conservation district, reducing the amount available for other projects in the next fiscal year.

In Saline County, to make sure that the payment request is submitted on time, landowners need to ensure their contractor has completed their construction, obtained and paid the invoice to the contractor or contractors for all the work in the project, submit the paid invoice to the field office, see that their contractor has submitted to the field office a survey verifying that the practice meets standards and specifications and provide a copy of the cancelled check for payment to the contractors to the field office.

After these steps have been completed, the landowner must sign the payment request. The field office works with the landowner to make sure all documentation is completed correctly and is received within the time allowed for the project.

Each cost share application approved for funding is assigned an expiration date. That date, at the least, has to be within the fiscal year in which it is approved. The district will assign a date that should allow a reasonable amount of time to complete the project. It also allows time for the SWCD to withdraw approval and reallocate those funds to a different participant, if the SWCD Board of Supervisors feels that progress is not being made in completing the project. It is the goal of the SWCD to utilize all of the funds available in each fiscal year.

The Saline County SWCD has obligated over $796,000 in state cost share to landowners this year. Requests for payment of over $508,000 have already been submitted. That leaves almost $300,000 yet to be claimed by landowners. Landowners should stay in communication with your contractor and with the SWCD Office to make sure their projects are completed and paid on time.

For more information, contact your local SWCD. In Saline County the SWCD is at: 704 N. Miami, Marshall, MO 65340

Telephone: (660) 886-7447, extension 3 or Email: carol.benedick@swcd.mo.gov