Author travels home after successful cruising career

Saturday, October 8, 2011
Author CarolLee Miles speaks about her book "Getting Paid to Cruise" at Marshall Public Library. (Maggie Menderski/Democrat-News)

Author CarolLee Miles returned to Marshall for her 50th high school reunion, but her book signing on Oct. 8 at Marshall Public Library served as a miniature reunion too.

"It sounds like for most of you, I don't need to introduce CarolLee," said MPL Director Amy Crump.

Her career has taken her well beyond the boundaries of her childhood home, the Shannon farm in Saline County.

But on Saturday morning, old friends meandered into the back room at the library and warmly greeted the Marshall native.

Equipped with a stack of "Getting Paid to Cruise: Secrets of a Professional Cruise Host." Miles told library guests about her search for peace through travel.

"I say my office window changes every day," she said.

Miles visited all seven continents between 1986 and 1990 while striving to maintain inner peace. She spoke about the beauty of Grand Cayman, her "dynamic" experience in the Holy Land, the cultural uniqueness of China and the surreality of Antarctica.

"I loved Antarctica," she said. "It was so surreal, like being on the moon."

In 1999, she became an executive producer of a CD entitled "Peace," which utilizes her prolific poems as lyrics. She has received recognition for her peace work from Columbia College and the University of Northern Colorado.

"My mom always said, whatever I'm going to do I'm going to be helping people," Miles said.

Through the book and more than 25 years of professional cruising experience, she outlines a guide to obtaining a new career or a relaxing vacation.

The book serves as technical guide for professional cruise hosts and teaches how to combat fear, solve confrontation and travel into the future with assurance and grace.

"I always thought I'd write my life story," she said. "Those of you who know me know it's kind of an abbreviated version."

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