Marshall FFA holds annual awards banquet

Friday, May 6, 2011
Star award winners pose with their awards after the annual Marshall FFA banquet held on May 6, 2011. From left are: Rob Gorrell, FFA Member of the Year and DeKalb Award; Abrea Mizer, Star Chapter Farmer; Christy Dillon, Star Agri-business Award and Kayla Elson, Star Greenhand.

Several students were honored on Friday, May 6 at the Marshall FFA annual awards banquet held in the school's commons area on Friday, May 6.

In a change from recent years, the awards ceremony was held in the commons area following the carry-in dinner and most of the awards were presented by the 2010-2011 officer team, with help from Representative Joe Aull and Superintendent of Schools Craig Noah.

Beginning SAE Awards which are given to the first year boy and girl with the most outstanding SAE Project is sponsored by the Beta Phi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi. They provide the winners with a $50 award. The outstanding beginning SAE award boy was given to Mason Sandidge and the outstanding beginning SAE award girl was presented to Katie Wansing.

The 2011-12 Marshall High School FFA officer team was inducted during the annual banquet on Friday May 6, 2011. New officers are from left are: Jessica Johnson, sentinel, Rebecca Viles, reporter, Mason Sandidge, treasurer, Blayne Vogel, president; Jessica Browning, secretary and Abrea Mizer, vice-president.

The Star Greenhand award, for the outstanding freshman member was given to Kayla Elson, who also presented her Division I speech which garnered a Group I gold rating in state competition. Mason Sandidge also presented the FFA Creed. He took third place in Area competition.

The Star Chapter Farmer, presented to the outstanding chapter degree member who has an ownership SAE Project, was given to sophomore Abrea Mizer.

The Star Agribusiness Award, presented to the FFA member who owns their own business and does the best job of keeping records and working to improve and expand their business was given to Christy Dillon.

A large group of students were honored for their leadership and scholarship in the Marshall FFA during the annual banquet on May 6, 2011.

The FFA member of the Year, which recognizes the member who excels in leadership, classroom, and SAE, was presented to senior Rob Gorrell.

Representatives from Monsanto were on hand to present the DeKalb Award, which was also presented to Rob Gorrell. Besides a certificate, he received a DeKalb coat, donated by Marshall's Monsanto Soybean plant.

Houston Mull Memorial FFA scholarships, in honor of a Marshall FFA member who died in a car accident after his freshman year in 2004 were presented to six seniors. They were: Abby Elson, $500; Alex Sprigg, $500; Austin Thiel, $500 Lauren Hisle, $500; Michael Harlow, $500 and Rob Gorrell, $1,000.

Six Marshall FFA seniors were presented the Houston E. Mull Memorial FFA scholarship at the annual awards banquet on May 6, 2011. From left are: Lauren Hisle, Rob Gorrell, Michael Harlow, Austin Thiel and Demi Sprigg. Not pictured is Abby Elson who was also presented a scholarship.

Several other scholarships were presented to seniors.

They were:

Harold Hoey Chapter of Whitetails Unlimited Scholarship: Lauren Hisle and JW Davis; Marshall FFA Scholarship: $1,000 to Sandy Patel; Bessie Vanderlinden Scholarship: $750 to Rob Gorrell; Marshall FFA Alumni Scholarship: $500 to Alex Sprigg; Billy Gwaltney Scholarship: $150 to Katie Green; State Fair Youth in Agriculture Scholarship - $1,000 to Rob Gorrell; National FFA -- Cargill $1,000 Scholarship to Austin Thiel and Rob Gorrell; the $1,000 WB Young Scholarship presented by employee Leon Phillips was awarded to Michael Harlow.

Several Marshall High School seniors were awarded scholarships at the annual banquet. The student and the scholarships they were awarded are front from left: Katie Green - Billy Gwaltney Memorial Scholarship; Sandy Patel, Marshall FFA Scholarship and Alex Sprigg, Houston E. Mull Memorial FFA Scholarship and Marshall FFA Alumni Scholarship. Back row: Austin Thiel, Houston E. Mull Memorial FFA Scholarship and National FFA Cargill Scholarship; Rob Gorrell, Houston E. Mull Memorial FFA Scholarship, Bessie Vanderlinden Scholarship, National FFA Cargill Scholarship and Missouri State Fair Youth in Agriculture Scholarship; Michael Harlow, W.B. Young Scholarship, which was presented by Leon Phillips, W.B. Young employee and J.W. Davis, Harold Hoey Chapter of Whitetails Unlimited Scholarship. Two seniors who received scholarships aren't pictured. They are Lauren Hisle, Houston E. Mull Memorial FFA Scholarship and Harold Hoey Chapter of Whitetails Unlimited Scholarship and Abby Elson, Houston E. Mull Memorial FFA Scholarship.

Chapter Activity Point Awards were also presented to the top three individuals from each grade level that earned the most FFA activity points. The 1st place individual received a $40 cash prize, 2nd place received $30 and 3rd place was given $20.

First year members were: 3rd place - Jacob Davis; 2nd place - Katie Wansing; 1st place - Elizabeth Borges; Second year members: 3rd place - Bethany Miller; 2nd place - Jessica Browning; 1st place - Abrea Mizer; Third year members: 3rd place - Kaitlyn Smith, 2nd place - Kyle Otken; 1st place - Blayne Vogel; Fourth year members: 3rd place - Michael Harlow; 2nd place - Rob Gorrell; 1st place - Austin Thiel. The overall high point individual, Abrea Mizer also received a plaque.

Many other students and their accomplishments were recognized, including the Trap Shooting team. Randy Plattner, who heads the team, handed out three new awards to start a "new tradition." The Outstanding Rookie Award went to Jacob Davis; Top Gun of the Year Award was presented to JW Davis and the ClayBuster Club cash prize also went to J.W. Davis for his two perfect scores.

Although results aren't announced yet, several students "definitely did Marshall proud" representing the FFA at the state trap shooting competition. They were: JW Davis, Danny Dillon Evan Summers, Trent Toliver, Micheal Harlow, Jacob Davis and Christy Dillon.

The 2011 proficiency award winners were also announced. They were:

Agricultural Communications- Entrepreneurship/Placement - Kayla Elson; Agricultural Education- Entrepreneurship/Placement -Kaylee Kipping; Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrications- Entrepreneurship/Placement - JW Davis; Agricultural Mechanics Energy Systems- Entrepreneurship/Placement - Austin Campbell; Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance- Entrepreneurship - Michael Harlow; Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance- Placement- Ian Swisher; Agricultural Processing-- Entrepreneurship/Placement; Jessica Browning; Agricultural Sales- Entrepreneurship- Christy Dillon; Agricultural Sales- Placement-Alex Sprigg; Agricultural Services- Placement - Abrea Mizer; Beef Production- Entrepreneurship - Evan Summers; Beef Production- Placement - Tyler Breshears; Diversified Agricultural Production- Entrepreneurship/Placement, Rob Gorrell; Diversified Crop Production- Placement -- Austin Thiel -- Austin also received 2nd place on the area level; Diversified Horticulture- Entrepreneurship/Placement -Nicole Cassidy; Diversified Livestock Production- Entrepreneurship - Katie Wansing; Emerging Agricultural Technology- Entrepreneurship/Placement -Abby Elson -- Abby received 1st place on the area level and competed at the state level as well; Environment Science and Natural Resources Management- Entrepreneurship/Placement-Cale Boedeker; Equine Science- Entrepreneurship-Abbey Land; Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production- Entrepreneurship/Placement - Lauren Hisle; Floriculture- Placement - Stephanie Stark; Floriculture -- Entreprenuership -- Britney Harris; Food Science and Technology- Entrepreneurship/Placement - Sandy Patel -- Sandy received 3rd place on the area level; Forage Production- Entrepreneurship/Placement - Jacob Davis; Forest Management and Products- Entrepreneurship/Placement - Steven Cook; Grain Production- Placement - Lucas Hinnah; Home and/or Community Development- Entrepreneurship - Danny Dillon; Home and/or Community Development -- placement -Kyle Lowe; Landscape Management -- Entrepreneurship - Kyle Otken; Outdoor Recreation- Entrepreneurship/Placement - Kameron Godsey; Poultry Production- Entrepreneurship - Jessica Johnson; Poultry Production - Placement - Elizabeth Borges; Sheep Production- Entrepreneurship/Placement -Amanda Foltz; Small Animal Production and Care- Entrepreneurship/Placement -Blayne Vogel; Specialty Animal Production- Entrepreneurship/Placement - Bethany Miller; Specialty Crop Production- Entrepreneurship/Placement - Austin Phegley; Swine Production- Entrepreneurship- Payton Beeler; Swine Production- Placement- Mason Sandidge; Turf Grass Management- Entrepreneurship/Placement - Alex Giger; Vegetable Production- Entrepreneurship/Placement- Morgan Schell and Wildlife Management- Entrepreneurship/Placement - Eric Underwood

While teams competed at several locations, the following Career Development Event (CDE) teams competed at the Central District contest:

Dairy Cattle, 15th place, Group II,Ely Anderson, Nick Latimer, Stephen Meyer and Kyle Mullins.

Entomology, 20th place, Group II, Courtney Campbell, Carlyn Crawford, Mackenzie Godsey and Holly Walter.

Nursery, 12th place, Group II, Alli Chastine, Morgan Schell and Abby Smithey

Dairy Foods, 13th place, Group II, Kaitlyn Bulen, Christy Dillon, Jacqueline Eilers and Jason Hadley

Poultry, 10th place, Group II, Brandy Haynes, Aaron Kerksiek, Kyle Otken and Rebecca Viles

Farm Management, 15th place, Group II, Stephen Cook, Alex Giger, Alex Sprigg and Kali Thomas

FFA Creed Speaking - Mason Sandidge -- 3rd place at area, 9th place at districts

Division II public speaking - Abrea Mizer -- 1st place at area, 5th place at districts; Jessica Johnson -- 3rd place at area, 6th place at districts.

Advanced Public Speaking - Austin Thiel -- 5th place at area; Rob Gorrell -- 2nd place at area, 5th place at districts.

Extemporaneous Public Speaking - Rebecca Viles -- 5th place at area

Livestock- 6th place, Group I at districts

This team qualified for state but was unable to compete due to members being on conflicting contest teams: Rob Gorrell, Austin Thiel, Eric Underwood

The Missouri Department of Agriculture sponsors a livestock evaluation contest each spring and and Marshall team members were Rob Gorrell, Austin Thiel, Eric Underwood, and Evan Summers. They placed 4th in slaughter cattle grading and 17th place overall out of 75 teams. Also individually, Rob Gorrell was 1st high individual in the slaughter cattle grading contest and Eric Underwood was 4th high individual in the keep/cull contest. Those two individuals received trophies.

The following teams not only competed at the district level but also qualified for state competition.

Completed Placement Recordbook -- 1st at area and Group I at state, Alex Sprigg

Division I public speaking -- Kayla Elson. She placed 2nd at area, 3rd at districts and was a group I at state.

Extemporaneous Public Speaking - Sandy Patel. She placed 2nd at area, 3rd at districts and was group I at state.

FFA Knowledge Team --2nd place at area; 6th place at districts and 34th place at state; Payton Beeler, Zach Glassmaker, Mason Sandidge and Allie Sprague.

Agriculture Mechanics, 5th place, group I at districts, 29th place, group II at state, Ian Swisher -- Group I individual at state; other members: JW Davis, Adam Tucker, Danny Dillon

Forestry, 6th place, group I at districts; 23rd place at state group II; Michael Harlow, Lucas Hinnah, Brandon Standley and Blayne Vogel

Meats, 9th place, group I at districts, 41st place, group II at state, Caleb Willis, Andrew Markes, Amanda Foltz and Jacob Davis

Soils, 5th place, group I at districts, 29th place, group II at state, Cale Boedeker, Bethany Miller, Abrea Mizer and Trent Toliver

Agronomy, 7th place, group I at districts, 43rd place, group II at state, Kameron Godsey, Jessica Johnson, Deanna Pannell and Evan Summers

Floriculture, 7th place, group I at districts, 25th place, group II at state, Jessica Browning, Britney Harris, Lauren Hisle and Stephanie Stark

Horses, 6th place, group I at districts, 28th place, group II at state,Kayla Elson- group I and 4th high individual at state; other team members: Tyler Breshears, Katie Wansing and Abbey Land

Agriculture Issues, 1st place at districts, group I and 5th place at state, Rob Gorrell, Melba Jones, Kaylee Kipping, Austin Thiel, Katie Smith and Blayne Vogel

For the second year in a row, Aaron Kerksiek represented the Marshall FFA chapter at the State convention as a member of the State FFA Choir.

Leadership medals were awarded to the top 25 individuals in points, which are given to students for each FFA Activity they participate in throughout the year.

Leadership medals were awarded to:

Abrea Mizer, Jessica Browning, Elizabeth Borges, Blayne Vogel, Austin Thiel, Bethany Miller, Rob Gorrell, Christy Dillon, Morgan Schell, Michael Harlow, Katie Wansing, Jessica Johnson, Caitlyn Lanmon, Lucas Hinnah, Sandy Patel, Rebecca Viles, Cale Boedeker, Jacob Davis, Katie Green, Kayla Elson, Lauren Hisle, Austin Phegley, Alex Sprigg, Mason Sandidge and Evan Summers.

The five seniors who receieved the State FFA Degree on April 15, were also recognized. They were: JW Davis, Lucas Hinnah, Alex Sprigg, Ian Swisher and Austin Thiel.

There were 46 members who maintained an A all four quarters. Those students received a Scholarship Medal. They were: Payton Beeler, Amanda Foltz, Zach Glassmaker; Andrew Markes, Mason Sandidge, Katie Wansing, Kayla Elson, Allie Sprague, Blayne Vogel, Stephen Meyer, Alex Sprigg, Kali Thomas, Jason Hadley, JW Davis, Kyle Otken, Kyle Lowe, Danny Dillon, Rob Gorrell, Lauren Hisle, Ian Swisher, Austin Thiel, Nicole Cassidy, Felicia O'Donnell, Mackenzie Godsey, Sandy Patel, Kaylee Kipping, Jessica Browning, Carlyn Crawford, Stephanie Stark, Christy Dillon, Bethany Miller, Morgan Schell, Trent Toliver, Evan Summers, Brandon Standley, Abrea Mizer, Jessica Johnson, Lucas Hinnah, Brandy Haynes, Michael Harlow, Kameron Godsey, Abby Elson, Katy DePaoli, Austin Campbell, Cale Boedeker, Caleb Willis and Jacob Davis.

The chapter officers also presented several honorary degrees: Those receiving them were: Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Davis; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Hinnah; Mr. and Mrs. John Sprigg; John Swisher, Bryan Thiel, Michelle Smith, Jim Heinzler, Jeanne Young, the Mid-Day Optimist Club and the Marshall Kiwanis Club.

Two other accomplishments were recognized during the evening, including the chapter's 7th place Chapter Activity Award honoring Marshall as a Gold Emblem chapter at the Missouri FFA Convention in Columbia.

Another recent chapter accomplishment was the Monsanto FFA Chapter Challenge. In the seven state contest chapters were rewarded for making the most farmer contacts. Although the final placing is not known, Marshall at last look was in 5th place and has won a $1,500 cash prize from the company.

New officers were installed at the end of the banquet. The 2011-12 officers are: Blayne Vogel, president; Abrea Mizer, vice-president; Jessica Browning, secretary; Mason Sandidge, treasurer; Rebecca Viles, reporter and Jessica Johnson, sentinel.

In keeping with tradition, the retiring senior officers, Austin Thiel, Sandy Patel and Rob Gorrell presented gifts to the chapter advisors, Callie Dobbins, Jason Price and Randy Plattner.

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