End Rows for March 15,

Monday, March 14, 2011

CRP general signup #41

CRP General Signup #41 started March 14 and will run through April 15, 2011.

CRP is a voluntary program that helps agricultural producers use environmentally sensitive land for conservation benefits.

Producers enrolled in CRP plant long-term, resource-conserving covers to control soil erosion, improve water and air quality and develop wildlife habitat.

In return, FSA provides participants with rental payments and cost-share assistance.

Contract duration is between 10 to 15 years.

Accepted contracts for sign-up 41will begin on Oct. 1, 2011.

Land that is not currently enrolled in CRP may be offered for enrollment during CRP sign-up 41.

In addition, CRP participants with contracts expiring on Sept. 30, 2011, may submit offers.


A producer must have owned or operated the land for at least 12 months prior to April 15, 2011.

The land must be cropland that is planted or considered planted to an agricultural commodity four of the six crop years from 2002 to 2007 and be physically and legally capable for being planted in a normal manner to an agricultural commodity.

Also, the cropland must meet one of the following criteria:

--have a weighted average erosion index of eight or higher

-- expiring CRP acreage or

--Located in a national or state CRP conservation priority area.

To start the bidding process, producers must first provide us a copy of the deed to their farm so that we can verify our records are accurate.

Once we have the deed and the producer indicates which field will be offered, we will give him/her an appointment to come back. This will give us time to check field boundaries on our maps and look up cropping history.

FSA will rank CRP offers according to the Environmental Benefits Index (EBI).

FSA collects data for each EBI factor based on the relative environmental benefits for the land offered.

EBI rankings are unique for each tract of land offered into CRP.

FSA assigns each offer a point score based on the offer's relative environmental factors.

Each offer competes with all other offers.

FSA determines offer acceptability based on the ranking results.

After sign-up 41 ends on April 15, 2011, FSA will analyze and rank all eligible offers.

The Secretary will then determine the EBI threshold used to accept offers.

Because CRP is a highly competitive program, producers who would have met previous sign-up EBI cutoffs are not guaranteed an offer acceptance under sign-up 41.

For more information on CRP, contact your local FSA office or visit FSA's CRP website at http://www.fsa.usda.gov/crp

Women in Ag


The 8th Annual Women in Agriculture & Ag Landowners Conference was held on March 11.

We want to thank everyone who attended.

This year broke all previous records with just under 300 attendees!

We were also happy to see a modest increase in male attendees.

In the near future, we will post photos and other information to the conference website: womeninag.net

The website will also be a great place check as we announce details for the 2012 conference.

FSA wants to thank our partners that make the conference possible:


Resource Conservation Service

--Soil and Water Conservation Districts
--University of Missouri Extension

-- Lincoln University Extension


Department of Conservation