Possible scam attempted in Marshall

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

When Deborah Evans answered the phone at Marshall Floral Monday, she started writing down what could have been a very large order.

Then Evans got suspicious.

The caller wanted her to add $1,250 in cash to the $1,600 order and give it to the courier who picked up the eight bouquets of flowers.

Evans told the caller that she would have to speak with her employer, a lawyer and judge, before conducting a cash transaction in that manner.

The caller hung up.

Evans then contacted Marshall Police. MPD reported that the caller ID on the number is an unpublished number from a landline based in Falmouth, Mass. The number begins with area code 508 and prefix 444.

Evans "did a pretty good job," said Marshall Police Detective Roger Gibson.

Business owners should be cautious when an order raises red flags like the one Evans received at the Marshall Floral, Gibson said.

Anybody who thinks they may be being scammed can and should call the police, Gibson said. "We're more than happy to check it out."

Calls to the number from the Marshall Democrat-News were answered by an operator from i711.com relay service, which is a service that translates voice to text and back for deaf people.

The relay service attempted to contact the owner of the phone number, however their was no answer and they did not provide the name of the person to whom the number was assigned.

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