Shannon Bair discusses what it was like to be on "The Bachelor"

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Marshall native Shannon Bair was selected as one of 25 women on this season of ABC's "The Bachelor." Her parents, Mike and Brenda Bair, live in Marshall. Her sister, Jenny, now lives in Los Angeles, Calif. Bair currently lives in Lee's Summit and works as a dental hygienist.

Last Monday, Jan. 26, Bair was eliminated from the show, and was then allowed to speak publicly about her experiences on the show. Despite many unkind comments from the blogosphere, Bair seemed positive about her time on the reality television show.

Here are excerpts from an e-mail interview with her.

Sydney Stonner: How did you get on "The Bachelor"?

Shannon Bair: I filled out a short questionnaire online, never in a million years thinking I would be chosen. Then ABC kept calling me back wanting more and more information.

SS: What made you decide to do it?

SB: I have ALWAYS been a fan of the show -- I have seen every episode! When I still lived in Marshall, my friend Molly and I would have watch parties. I was at a point in my life where there wasn't anything tying me down, so I felt the time was right if I were gonna do it.

SS: What was your favorite part?

SB: It's hard to pick one thing. ... Being able to film the show was an experience of a lifetime. I loved the mansion, the dates, the food, the limo rides, someone doing your hair/make-up and, most of all, meeting 24 other amazing women. I know some girls might think I'm crazy, but I made friendships with all of the women. We are all very close, and I know our friendships will last a lifetime!

SS: What was the hardest part?

SB: Your time with Jason was very limited, so the time you did have, you had to make count. I am used to taking relationships slowly, and this situation was difficult for me because I had to make a move fast. ... Another hard part was my lack of beauty rest. ... We were constantly on the go and always had cameras in our faces. It was sometimes hard to fake a smile when I was physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted.

SS: What was the most embarrassing part?

SB: I would say the most embarrassing part would be my crying to Jason. Some would say that I was being real and wearing my heart on my shoulder, but I didn't like watching myself look so weak. ... The pressure was very intense and trying to tell a guy in a matter of minutes why he should keep you is something I am not good at.

SS: What was it like living in the mansion?

SB: It was a lot of fun! I felt like I was in a sorority! I had three other roommates: Keri, Stephanie and Erica. We would lay in bed at night and talk each other to sleep. Erica would talk out loud in her sleep every night about Jason to where it would wake me up. We would all bust out laughing in the middle of the night at her.

SS: Were you provided with food?

SB: ANYTHING we wanted! It was dangerous in that house! I gained four pounds living there! If we put it on the list, the handlers had it there for us the next day.

SS: Did you have to quit your job?

SB: Luckily, no. I work for three different doctors in Kansas City, and they were all very accommodating to the show and me. They were very happy for me to be able to have an opportunity like this and would never expect me to pass it up.

SS: How has this experience affected the rest of your life?

SB: It made me believe anything is possible! Even though one person "wins" the guy, I feel like me and the other girls are all winners to have chosen for the show.

SS: What did you learn about yourself?

SB: Now this answer could get lengthy. To make it short and sweet, I followed my heart and realized I had left it back in Kansas City with my ex-boyfriend of five years. We are back together and stronger and happier than ever!

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  • Of Course.. Another one get recognition for trying to catch a man or surviving on a reality show. I wont be surprise if they send her on the next parade.

    I wish the Marshall Democrat would focus on the real topics in Marshall.

    How about front page news about new businesses in town!

    Whatabout what can be done to improve the economy?

    How about the real poverty issues.

    What about the real issues?

    What does it take to get recognition in this town.

    Is sure doesnt seem to be hard work

    What is the Marshall Democrat doing to promote economic growth in the town of Marshall.

    The Marshall Democrat is part of the Marshall-Saline development Corporation,,, what are they doing.

    Why dont we focus on what needs of our community wants and what they have to offer

    I think everyone needs to speak up to the Marshall Democrat and promote more educational about the times of the town and the county..

    I would really like to know what does people want to see in the Marshall Democrat and what other steps the Marshall Democrat is going to make to circulate a better informative paper of our community.

    -- Posted by Construction on Wed, Feb 4, 2009, at 3:38 PM
  • aw c'mon...a newspaper needs human interest stories too. If it were all just cold hard facts, figures and topics it would get pretty boring.

    congrats to Shannon

    -- Posted by outsider on Wed, Feb 4, 2009, at 3:45 PM
  • I'm with Construction on the one. Since she is identified as a Marshall native, one might assume Shannon is a product of our local schools, but if I were one of her teachers, I'd rather not admit it. How about focusing on the schools and what they're [not] teaching our youngsters--like English grammar.

    "if I were gonna do it" ... "We would lay in bed at night" ... "I feel like me and the other girls"


    -- Posted by Pragmatist on Wed, Feb 4, 2009, at 3:52 PM
  • C'mon man..give a girl a break..

    Why should we care about the paper's coverage or non-coverage of why MMU raises utility rates so much you can set your watch by it..and how it economically affects the town,,residents, business, future growth etc..

    Just keep diggin...

    -- Posted by Hombre on Wed, Feb 4, 2009, at 4:00 PM
  • Well if you're with "Construction" sure didn't have any problems getting past their "English Grammar" let me point out his/her wonderful grammar errors...

    1. Another one get recognition

    2. I wont be surprise

    3. Whatabout what

    4. Is sure doesnt seem

    5. Why dont we focus on what needs of our community wants and what they have to offer

    6. and promote more educational about the times of the town and the county..

    7. I would really like to know what does people want to see in the

    I'm normally not this "anal" about spelling grammars on a blog page...but come on, quit slamming Shannon because she uses a little bad grammar...I mean come on, you started your blog right off the bat with it! "I'm with Construction on the one". Give the girl a're just jealous she had the opportunity and you didn't.

    "Please" yourself.

    -- Posted by prd123 on Wed, Feb 4, 2009, at 4:14 PM
  • Thanks for the article I really enjoyed it.

    -- Posted by litlmissme on Wed, Feb 4, 2009, at 4:50 PM
  • prd123, you said "anal"....that is exactly what I was thinking after reading this particular story....:-D

    -- Posted by onpoint on Wed, Feb 4, 2009, at 7:22 PM
  • This is what is wrong with Saline County. Everyone is so jealous, of everything and everybody. At least this news is not depressing, about the economy, blah blah blah. For once try supporting some of your fellow neighbors, instead of being so negative all the time.

    -- Posted by pumpkin08 on Wed, Feb 4, 2009, at 8:36 PM
  • what a crock!

    -- Posted by gladileft87 on Wed, Feb 4, 2009, at 9:00 PM
  • is that the dog in her hands that she was "going to pull out her electric toothbrush and give her puppy the biggest french kisses" ??? -weird.

    -- Posted by -anyways- on Thu, Feb 5, 2009, at 9:09 PM
  • "I wish the Marshall Democrat would focus on the real topics in Marshall."

    Odd, since it's reality t.v. (Haha) What's wrong with adding something new to the mix?

    "Whatabout what can be done to improve the economy?

    How about the real poverty issues."

    Because that has been going on for months, it's not news, and no one cares to read about that crap.

    "What does it take to get recognition in this town."

    Do something constructive instead of complain about bull___t! Go plant 10 trees in every state. That will get Marshall "on the map."

    "I think everyone needs to speak up to the Marshall Democrat and promote more educational about the times of the town and the county.."

    Educational, what? Values, morals?

    Here's something about Marshall. In the 1950's a gentleman named Leroy Gilliam and his family moved to Gilliam from Boston, Mass. Leroy has a son named Everett. Leroy began baking donuts as a job. In time he bought a delivery van to deliver his donuts to the Marshall and Slater area. A few years later, he sold that delivery van to KMMO. Who restored it.

    Or, how about this one. Outside the town of Gilliam on route PP, once stood the first courthouse in Saline County.

    Here's one on Saline county.

    In the 1800's two brothers (Fayette Henry and William Taylor Gilliam) owned the land around what is now Gilliam. The railroad contacted the Gilliam brothers wanting to buy their land and place the railroad through the property. The Gilliam brothers gave the part of land to the railroad. In turn, the town became known as Gilliam. Outside Gilliam today on route PP, you can see the mansion the Gilliam brothers owned.

    While you are out that way, follow Highway PP to the end and continue on the gravle road. Down the road you'll see river banks. You see, there was a flood in '51 & '52 that re-routed the river to what is now Glasgow. There once was a town out next to the river banks. It was called Cambridge. Lewis and Clark crossed the river near Gilliam, not near Glasgow.

    There, that was educational, and informitive.

    -- Posted by ieatsuperglue on Fri, Feb 6, 2009, at 3:37 AM
  • First of all, I think it's probably one of the dumbest shows ever put on T.V. I sure would be proud of my daughter if she went on a show and tried to sell herself to some stranger for his affections. Gee I think you can do that in Vegas??

    -- Posted by muddywater on Tue, Feb 10, 2009, at 12:41 PM
  • Well I for one am glad that there was an "after" article on Shannon's stay there..It was interesting and who CARES if it is not about Marshall Public Schools? And please, you think the small amount of bad grammar she had reflects poorly on Marshall? I was born and raised in Marshall and the school system is not that great..Don't blame the product of the schools, blame the schools.

    -- Posted by MG2008 on Tue, Feb 10, 2009, at 5:44 PM
  • The funny thing is her parents making every excuse all over town of why she acted the way she did. I guess some things never change!

    -- Posted by fitzgibbon on Thu, Feb 12, 2009, at 1:26 PM
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