No. 8 Tigers claw Marshall to shreds, 55-0

Monday, September 15, 2008
Junior Andrew Crum (77) attempts to run block, but a recurring problem for the Owls' young linemen -- getting their pads under those of defenders -- is noticeable. (Chris Allen/Democrat-News)

The Smith-Cotton football team must have a punter, but Marshall never saw one.

Other than a pair of first-half turnovers which prevented the Tigers from taking more than a four-touchdown lead into the break, there was no stopping the home team Friday during a 55-0 non-conference blowout.

The Owls gave up more points than in any game since Cecil Naylor retired as head coach in '94, and the school's official records do not list highest total allowed. However, Marshall hadn't suffered such a whipping since going down 52-0 in 2002, and that was at the hands of eventual state champion Kearney in the Class 4 quarterfinals at the end of a 9-3 NCMC title season.

The Owls had ready-made excuses for the shellacking: they're relatively young and were short-handed, with seniors Emmanuel Reeders and Cody Hodges -- experienced starters both -- among the many veteran players out.

In addition, the Thursday death of freshman softball player Jessica Souder had cast a pall on the day at MHS.

It was also a sloppy field, but that didn't seem to bother senior Solomon Watkins, who tattered the Marshall defense to the tune of 188 yards and three touchdowns. Of his 17 carries, 13 resulted in first downs or scores and 12 were of 10 or more yards.

That was considerably more productive than Marshall's offense, which netted only 90 yards -- with defensive linemen involved in 22 of the Tigers' 41 tackles on runs from scrimmage. Conversely, the Owls' defensive backs were the only ones involved in 22 of the team's 38 tackles, Smith-Cotton averaging over 10 yards per snap.

Junior Chase Kempf ended the Tigers' first drive with an interception at the Marshall 19-yard line, but the next three home team possessions would begin in Owls' territory -- two of them resulting in touchdowns, on a 23-yard Watkins run and 1-yard plunge by senior fullback Jordan Brown.

Sophomore Jason Adcock, who had nine solo tackles on the night, forced a fumble recovered by senior Tyler Nienaber at Marshall's 36. The began the Owls' only sustained drive of the game, 10 plays for 38 yards before stalling out at the Smith-Cotton 24.

Watkins scored on runs of 11 and 14 yards before the half was over. The Tigers scored on their first four series of the second half, junior Kendall Brown catching a 15-yard pass from senior Bryce Johnson and subs mopping up: senior Arthur Hartt with a 4-yard run, a 33-yard dash by junior Andrew Byrd -- who only became eligible that day and wasn't on the printed roster -- and sophomore Dominique Smith on a 33-yard quarterback keeper.

The only blemish for Smith-Cotton was a missed extra point by senior Jessica Greer, breaking a string of 40 straight conversions during her career.

The Tigers (3-0) rolled to 480 total yards, 407 rushing, and 18 first downs. Senior Matt Jacobs continued to be the workhorse/tackling dummy for the Owls, carrying 23 times for a mere 44 yards as again blocking proved unreliable -- as many of the team's running plays going for losses

There's no doubting that Marshall (0-3) has faced a brutal early-season schedule, two of the three opponents overwhelming a young squad.

The Owls are hoping the NCMC campaign, which opens Friday at Boonville, will be more competitive.

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  • AS ALWAYS we can count on Chris Allen for ripping the coaches and kids to shreads. Thanks Chris. Our Marshall Coaches and players don't need excuses but yes there were many players out due to illness and injury and this is a young group. I have been wondering for years if you are truly a Marshall writer because your words seem to cut deep for the home team. Unacceptable.

    Good luck Coach Thomas,Staff and players this week against Boonville.

    -- Posted by justincase8002 on Mon, Sep 15, 2008, at 2:35 PM
  • Justin,

    My question to you is this: Are Mr. Allen's articles accurate? He's a reporter, not the press agent of the Marshall athletic department. He's paid to report sporting events as they happen, not candy-coat them the home team.

    If you want to see "Gee golly, we'll get 'em next time!" I suggest you start your own newspaper. May I suggest "The Fairytale Gazzette" or "The Sunshine Rainbow Happy Times" as possible names?

    -- Posted by Concordian Editor on Mon, Sep 15, 2008, at 3:12 PM
  • Mr Concordian Editor, Sugar coated Nah, we don't see that here ever, at any level. Just nasty and these are high school kids. If you or Chris Allen think writing this kind of article is good for the kids your sadly mistaken. Take some notes from the Hannibal or Moberly or even the Fulton sports writers, now they do a nice job of reporting the facts without tearing apart the team/its coaches and the community.

    So, no not looking for Golly Gee or Cotton candy coated just a lot better job of reporting and acting like a professional would be just fine. This is not the pros.

    -- Posted by justincase8002 on Mon, Sep 15, 2008, at 3:48 PM
    Response by Eric Crump/Editor:
    I'll take responsibility for the article about the Owls game Friday. I read it. I approved it. It seemed to me to be a fair and accurate account of a very frustrating game.
  • Hey all,

    Instead of bashing on Chris Allen and the team and coaches, bash on the people of this town who obviously forgotten about the long tradition and pride of Marshall Owl football. Losing is not in our vocabulary and never has been. It is time for this community get back behind our sports teams. Not just the parents who do go to our games, but the WHOLE community. Yeah its easy to sit back and armchair quarterback on Monday, but it is not easy to be the coach when constant ridicule is prevalent in this town. Yes Marshall got it's rear handed to them Friday night. No there has never been a loss this bad. So move on and start thinking about next week Men(players & coaches)I know you allready are. The others need to get over it. Maybe a good "ripping" is what this team needed to hear. I remember as a youngster when Marshall played at Valley. The stands were full EVERY Friday night with residents of Marshall whether they had kids on the field or not. I really don't see that anymore. Maybe someone could answer this question. Anyway Chris, good accurate article!!! I am also very saddened at the death of Jessica, taken way to young. The teams, "all" teams should use this tragic death as inspiration and dedicate these seasons to her memory with winning and playing your hearts out.

    -- Posted by IPOH on Mon, Sep 15, 2008, at 6:24 PM
  • I agree IPOH, the community does need to get behind our teams and coaches. But I stand behind the fact that the article was not just a good ripping it was down right negative and this is not the first time. Besides I believed this was the coaches job to point out the mistakes and handle any butt chewing that needed to take place, not our sports writers. I will drop this point as its not getting us anywhere but as you stated the town of Marshall needs to get behind our kids and quit sitting in the stands and more than likely at home bad mouthing the school, the programs and the coaches. You know as well as I do that this goes on when any team is losing.

    -- Posted by justincase8002 on Mon, Sep 15, 2008, at 7:14 PM
  • Mr. Why? You are still clueless like many others who think they have all the answers. Your kid probably plays or maybe doesn't play. I truly feel for Coach Thomas and his family for putting up with ignorance such as your remark. You can only play with what you have out and this group is young and inexperienced. If I were Thomas I would have left when his son left as there was not too much left after that but he seems to believe that Marshall is a nice place to have his family and instill values in our young people. What is he thinking Mr Why? Maybe you need to pull the thorn out of your buttocks and visit with the coach, oh let me guess you don't have courage, hmmm... Maybe you need to go visit the wizard and get some and hopefully he can pull the thorn out of our buttocks. I really hope Thomas doesn't read this paper and the ignorance of our town. And Mr Why as you seem to be clueless, maybe you should learn the game of football. I was there Friday and your statement makes no sense at all.

    -- Posted by davie on Mon, Sep 15, 2008, at 8:46 PM
  • Can't believe I am even stooping to reply to Why's stupidity. Get a clue buddy or buddette. It has been said here before, but as long as there is blogging we get to continue to repeat ourselves. We are fortunate to even have Coach Thomas. Marshall has done extremely well in the 9+ years we have had the priveledge of having him and his experience and expertise. Again I cannot believe I even took the time to sign up to tell you how ridiculous your comment is and for whatever reason you stated it, get a clue. Coach Thomas puts more into our kids than just plays. I thank God for him & his staff and what he is about and what he teaches these kids on a daily basis. Discipline,integrity,life lessons and the list goes on and on. I think your handle or password should really be get a clue.

    Eric Crump & Newspaper staff: This is exactly why we do not need the blogging. The remark Why felt the need to make is wrong and yet our Marshall Paper seems to enjoy this sorta chaos as with anything in our town. There is enough problems in Marshall that we do not need these kind of people bashing others and out loud and in print. Something to chew on.

    -- Posted by whatif on Mon, Sep 15, 2008, at 9:27 PM
    Response by Eric Crump/Editor:
    The comment has been deleted.
  • "Getting rid" of coach Thomas would be the biggest mistake anyone could make when it comes to Marshall football.

    He's the right guy to turn it around and he's had success here before and will again.

    Be careful what you wish for. Addressing those misinformed and misguided souls who haven't got a clue when it comes to this program and how many hours these coaches spend working to make this team and the players better in all aspects of life not just football.

    For those who want to see a change in coaches, please take in a couple of practices, then talk to coach and it won't take long to see the job he has in front of him and that he and his staff are the men to do it.

    I'm confident you'll feel the same way.

    -- Posted by Hombre on Mon, Sep 15, 2008, at 11:06 PM
  • I am reading statements from bloggers about the coach like "Marshall has done extremely well in the coaches 9+ years" and "he's the right guy to turn it around" and am in disbelief. What dream land are you in? The coaches record is below .500 in his 9+ years. You don't turn a program around in over 9 years- you set the standard in 9 years. Have you ever thought that he doesn't leave because we are the only 4A-6A school that will allow him to continue coaching? If he wasn't here, would you hire a coach from another 4A school that doesn't have a winning record? It's the first thing that sticks out and I'm pretty sure there would be lots of problems with that. Don't blame Chris Allen for the team's lackluster season- 3 blowouts in 3 games is not his fault. He is a reporter that reports what he saw. You guys are frustrated and want to take it out on the sports editor instead of possibly ruffling feathers in the school district. If everyone failed in English on a standardized test, would you say the English teachers were great and providing students with the best resources? No, we would make major administration changes that help raise those scores. Coach Thomas may be a great person, but he's having a hard time convincing me that this situation is the perfect fit and Marshall is his dream job. As an old school Marshall Owl, it's not Chris Allen's reporting that is unacceptable. The late, great Jerry Arnett reported the truth in a couple of our losses over the years. He also reported how great we were or how much we improved when we earned it. What's unacceptable in Marshall is getting slaughtered by teams like Chillicothe and Sedalia. What's even more embarrassing is losing to Grain Valley (are they even on the map?). I've said it before and will say it again, keep making excuses and keep losing.

    -- Posted by er on Tue, Sep 16, 2008, at 9:59 AM
  • Okay ER, you are entitled to say your peace as this is what we do well in this town. But I am curious, Are you talking about the three conference championships( two with Helias and Rock Bridge in the conference) or beating Hannibal for the the first time in 17 years( and the last 2 years in a row) or the two district championships in the last 8 years. The current head coach at Marshall beat the respected coach naylor the last five years he(coach naylor) coached at Marshall. High school athletics go in cycles you know they cannot recruit there athletes they have who they have>>>>Why don't you support the kids and coaching staff and maybe the tide will turn!!!!!! Remember players play,coaches coach, and fans have there opinions no matter how wrong the may be!!! You do a great job of complaining and I don't think there is anyway possible coach Thomas could believe Marshall was his dream job, give me a break. That is funny though. Remember ER he came to us from Hannibal, and I still ask him why would you ever leave Hannibal for all of this in Marshall. I may have to ask him again. And as for Chris, he has always been negative even when the Owls win so no, I don't think anyone really cares what Chris says or ever says, he's just part of Marshall and the negativity that goes a long with us. That is what makes our community so specail.

    So what job do you do and can I come and critique you sometime.

    -- Posted by davie on Tue, Sep 16, 2008, at 10:19 AM
  • Coach Thomas

    I am truly sorry about the way some of our parents and members of our community are reacting to this year's season. Sure are kids are not living up to expectations, yours, theirs or the communities. Certainly this is not the first time in Owl history that we've had a rough start nor will it be the last. My kids believe in loyalty, my boys believe in you, I believe in you.

    True fans will sit in the stands even through bad years, fair weather fans,,, let's not go there. While on the topic of fans where is Marshall's twelfth man??? In this seasons first two games (home games at that) we could have made a difference, we may have even changed the outcome of those games. Three or four fans screaming is not good enough when our D is on the field of battle. Football is a game of noise and violence not a beauty contest or a tennis match to be watched in passive silence (unless of coarse our O is getting ready to hike the ball). Marshall fans, you need to be heard, feared and loyal. At some point in every program you hit a lull. It is then that you find out what is that you are made of, if you're a quitter or if you have it in you to battle back and be a winner. Boys keep low, hold your blocks, and do your best. That's all we can ask.

    Chris quit being so cynical, you have the eye of the reader, use that power for good, if you have to point at faults, look at the system that pushes 7th, 8th, and 9th grade players through a different system each year as apposed to building a progressive grid iron program. I know that you have lots to cover and are only one man, but maybe you could report on a few locals that made it to the next level in order to pass on some aspiration to these kids. I ask that you give these players and coaches some respect.


    -- Posted by lem90 on Tue, Sep 16, 2008, at 11:17 AM
  • Actually, Davie, I am heavily critiqued each quarter at my job. I work for a fortune 500 company, not in Marshall. If I do not meet standards while producing above-the-market profits and customer satisfaction, I lose my job. I have now been there for more than 9 productive years. As for Coach, he did not come from Hannibal, I believe he came from Texas. I may be wrong, but I thought he left Hannibal for Texas, decided to come back to Missouri, so he ended up in Marshall. You say teams go in cycles, but Camdenton, Rockhurst, CBC, Hazelwood East, Rockbridge, Webb City, and even Marshall with Coach Naylor (out of 34 years I'm estimating about 3 losing seasons and I think that is a stretch) do not hit these cycles. The coaches hit those cycles. These are only a sample of the traditionally good teams. From NFL to college to high school- coaches that consistantly win do just that and ones that consistantly lose do just that. By cycles, if you mean winning a season here and there, then you're right- everyone does that if at it long enough. A losing record after 9 seasons is not a cycle. Do you know the furthest he has been in the playoffs? We beat Hannibal 2 of the 4 years I was in high school- with Coach Thomas as their coach, so I am unaffected by any grumblings you have about coach Naylor. Thomas had 2 district titles in the last 8 years (going on 9)- we had 2 in 3 years! One of those you had to win more than your last 3 games to win district. We were also conference champs 3 of the 4 years (also with Helias and Rock Bridge). These are things that used to be expected. Now you're using them as benchmarks. Not beating Hannibal the last 17 years? Don't you think since he's been here 9 of those he's partly responsible for that? He beat Coach Naylor the last 5 meetings- don't you also feel that's part of why coach Naylor retired? He realized it was time when he could not live up to his great career. You snicker when I mention his dream job. Yes, there is a coach out there that the town will love, teaches ethics, discipline and all of the other great qualities that Coach Thomas has and wins football games. To top it off, there's a coach out there that can do all of that and believe that Marshall is his dream job. That's what kept Naylor in Marshall 30+ years. It's what has kept coach Shore in Camdenton for 30+ years. Do you think those guys have never been offered a college job? Look at Marshall's stadium and facilities. Look at the people in the town that are chomping at the bit for a consistanly winning program. Look at the big farm boys that could make up a great O-line. Yes, it's a dream job for someone!

    -- Posted by er on Tue, Sep 16, 2008, at 11:34 AM
  • I am an old owl and this is directed at ER. Times have changed pal and you need to re think your statement. I must agree with Davie as Thomas came to us as a much accomplished coach. I remember when his Hannibal teams beat us up and down the field and these were good Marshall teams that got beat every time by Hannibal. As far as getting beat by Chili and Sedalia, they are ranked and have old ones returning. I have gone out and watched practices and kept up on the team and if you tell this group of kids to go left, they will go right. They seem to care about nothing and want nothing. I am sure Coach Thomas

    questions why he stayed as long as he has. He knows what is coming up the ranks each year and as someone mentioned on here earlier and he stuck it out and decided to stay anyway. He is good kid

    and knows a lot of football, also in the MV Hall of Fame. We are in a slump folks and nasayers, and I need to mention also as I was in disbelief myself when I overheard a parent in the stands sounding off with more than enough negative lip for all of Marshall and it was a pastor in our town. So I ask you what has happened first to our community and second as mentioned above let us get behind the coaches as they are doing a great job and let us be positive with our young people and also let them know (at home too) that the coaches do know what they are doing. And ER you also mentioned something above about Marshall being a dream job, I remember when my friend Coach Naylor was trying to talk Coach Thomas from taking this job as things were a'changin here. You could not pay me enough to take his place.

    Good Luck Coach Thomas and Staff, I know God will see you through and keep you strong and just remember Vengence is the Lord's and our town pastor at the game Friday night should probably remember that too and that you have ears everywhere and people who know you.

    -- Posted by oldowl55 on Tue, Sep 16, 2008, at 11:38 AM
  • Well ER then you should not be allowed to even comment. Your blog was so long it made me sleepy and all I can tell is you are sitting on the outside looking in. Those schools you have a buffet of kids and competition is firece.

    So quit your complaining,you don't even live here and should probably get back to work before your boss comes in and catches you monkeying around on the internet. Good Luck Coach T and staff and GO OWLS!! I will be there Friday to cheer you on.

    -- Posted by davie on Tue, Sep 16, 2008, at 12:03 PM
  • ...for the record oldowl, you must have been on one of the teams that was beat by Hannibal the last 5 years of Naylor's tenure because we were not 'beat up and down the field' by them-ever. They beat us as juniors on a 60 yard quarterback keeper with little time left. If you were on one of those teams, you really don't know about the legacy I speak of in Marshall. You think you may because you played for coach, but that was not the same Naylor we all knew at the end. Times change when you allow them to. You must be crazy to think Naylor, Shore, etc. never had teams in all those great years that 'went right when you asked them to go left'. Just like Shore has had recently. That team went 6-4 for him and was 'not acceptable'.

    Unless the pastor was cursing, I think he also has a right to his opinion. Just like the minority who would like for Thomas to stay have expressed their opinions of why (and believe me, unlike this blog where most want him to stay that is not the general opinion of the town- just like you said, look in the stands, no one's there). I don't believe he will be condemned to hell because he yelled 'what kind of offensive play was that?', or whatever else he probably said in his 7 years of frustration (as Davie mentioned, he does have 2 district championships). How many state games was Hannibal in again?

    -- Posted by er on Tue, Sep 16, 2008, at 12:18 PM
  • ...and the buffet of kids that you speak of come from Camdenton's 2500 population and surrounding towns of less than Camdenton, which is the biggest in that county. You're right, the competition is fierce, just like Marshall used to be and apparently like Hannibal's is now as you make it seem- even though they haven't seen the state finals.

    Make excuses, continue to lose!!

    -- Posted by er on Tue, Sep 16, 2008, at 12:24 PM
  • Bottom line is your Junior year and so on down the line did not win under Naylor or Bell,hmmm....

    After 17 years of getting beat no matter how big or little, oh and was that an excuse you made there? Didn't think so. It was still a loss. Thomas was the one on the Hannibal end kicking our butts here in Marshall and now under Thomas we have beat Hannibal and twice BUT under Thomas with our Marshall team and we won. You never did, right? Isn't that what you said? See I believe he has done a great job preparing these men and actually beating a team that Marshall has not beaten in years. Did you ever play Or not play under Thomas or maybe he kicked your rear when he was at Hannibal? It seems to me you have more of grudge or some under lying problem with our coach. For someone who knows so little about what is happening here sure has a lot to say and like to vent behind his ER post. Oh on the pastor thing, uh.. even I have a problem with that. What is your problem, I think you have been breathing too much liquid paper. By the way did you play college football? Probably not, I don't know why I asked. If I were you I would get back to work before your evaluated on your job performance as today I don't think you have gotton too much done. You are wasting company money and time. No Excuses....

    -- Posted by davie on Tue, Sep 16, 2008, at 1:44 PM
  • Davie- you're getting pretty worked up. Most of what you say is silly, elementary comebacks. I do not have the power to fire the coach. Nor does anyone else who's posting. I have a right to my opinion- just like you do, and trust me, I am not alone. You obviously didn't pay much attention to what you were reading from me earlier. To clarify:

    *The only year we were beat, while I played varsity, by Hannibal was my junior year- on a long touchdown at the end. We beat them 2 of my 4 years of high school. The first year we played them was the first year they were in the conference and we beat them so badly, I don't even remember the score. (I'm not sure what excuse you were looking for, I told you they beat us once). I'm not sure why coach Thomas beating Hannibal weighs so much with the school retaining him as the coach though. Hannibal has 0 state championships, to my knowledge, but this seems like your main reason for keeping him. Again, your facts were wrong, I did beat him- as I mentioned.

    *The only grudge I have, since I don't know him personally, is that he doesn't win regularly and my heart will always be with the Owls. Not to mention, any team that I have beaten by 30+ points, I know they're not prepared. You can blame it on the parents, on the media, on the weather- but the bottom line, as you say, is they weren't prepared. That comes back on management no matter what business you're in. The management is coach Thomas.

    *What is my problem? I've been enhaling too much liquid paper because I feel that a pastor has a right to his opinion when he, too, notices a team that is unprepared. He's a pastor, not a mute! (that means someone who can't speak).

    *Knows so little about what's going on here. The coach has a losing record in 9+ years. What else is there to know?

    *I am allowed to browse the internet and form an opinion as long as I continue to put up record numbers for my company. I'm sure coach Thomas would have to answer less questions and feel more stable about his job if he was succeeding as well. If my numbers go down next year, I will have to answer. Just like, he may have done great at a past job, but has he succeeded here? You say he has succeeded because he has beaten Hannibal 2 times in 9+ years and he has 2 district titles in that same amount of time. Say that to yourself over and over and see if it sounds right. I'm, personally, not satisfied with those numbers. Oh, and if it's your business, I do still pay property tax in Marshall- which helps the schools. This means I choose to help Marshall and would like to stay connected to where my money goes. Like it or not, that's the way it is.

    *And finally, and my favorite, Yes I did play college football. I played football and baseball in college and came from the great town of Marshall. I matched up against all the other all state guys from the player buffets of Camdenton, St. Louis, Orlando, Houston, San Francisco, and Denver, to name a few (these are actual towns that I know certain teammates were from). I did this, in both sports, for 4 years. Did you play in college? This is how I know there are guys that would take Marshall as a dream job. I have a friend in particular that has already won a state championship in 2A and would give anything to coach at a 4A school like Marshall.

    So I guess I do have a grudge. I love Marshall football and know there's other people that will win and be a great asset to the community. I still speak with past Owl teammates regularly. Some now have kids in school. This is not just me, it's most guys that I know that still love Marshall, the people of Marshall, and Marshall football. We, unlike yourself, have been genuinely concerned about the direction and future of a program that made us what and who we are today!

    -- Posted by er on Tue, Sep 16, 2008, at 3:07 PM
  • Let me start by saying er & Davie need to meet out back after school and get this over with. With that said...I love football, the Owls, & I'm proud of each and everyone of those boys even though none of them are mine. I will be at every game within 100 miles and yes, I will be cheering them on loudly. matter how much I want them to win, how much coach wants them to win, they have to want it more. Motivation is horrible & I believe it's a huge carry over from last year. We have the size on the line. They have to get mean, stay low, & want it more than anything. See the ball, get the ball. These boys,as proud as I am of them, aren't that way. A few exceptions include Hodges, Kays, & a couple others. They are hungry. They are motivated to do their best with each & every play. I say take the big boys out of the game until they get hungry enough. Make them want it. Make them earn it. I think coach's knowledge of the game is great. It's his ability to motivate a losing team that's lacking. Those 200lb plus boys need to get mean, need passion, and need to never give up. Instead of hanging your head when things aren't going your way...get smart, get angry, & push back. They need to be taught to tackle and block like their life depends on it and right now they aren't doing that! None the less, I'll be in Boonville Friday night cheering the boys on. Each game I go to is a new game & I expect big things out of them each and every time. Show Boonville what you can do!

    -- Posted by wmm4obama on Tue, Sep 16, 2008, at 5:19 PM
  • I must start by saying I don't agree with the ombama person or er. I was hoping this would tone down but its just sad when you get to sit behind a cover up and type about what you believe is right or wrong with a person. This happens weekly to many in Marshall that are in the light such as a position each of us think we can do better.

    WOW, the hanging of the head and mention of not able to motivate, Are you serious? That is not Coach Thomas. He coached both of my boys and I cannot say enough great things about him and his coaching style. These kids are taught to block and stay low and even hit somebody from the time they begin in the 6th or 7th grade and if they don't get it by their freshman year the coaches continue to push. Although you would hope these boys have understood what they need to do. To be aggressive or hungry as you said, yes this is important. But if these kids jrs and seniors don't have it in them, its not going to come out now. Now, I wonder what coach would say about ombama's comment on then take em out until they get hungry. Okay and who should you put in there? I am just curious as I am sure coach Thomas would love to set their butts on the bench if he had others to fill their spot, don't you think? I do. Are you starting to get the picture. Yes, Football is hard, I played and it sounds like many of you played and some just think you would want to. Coach Thomas is a great motivator, not a miracle worker. When he has a good team such as when my boys played, we(Marshall folk)judged his son and he is a good kid and athlete but we still found something to complain about. Each year I cringe to see what we will accuse Coach of next. I even recall his 2nd or 3rd year here and once again Marshall was on the warpath and a letter to the editor appeared from a Valley Coach taking up for Coach Thomas. Some of you may remember this. We really need to get off of this and realize Coach and his staff are working with young/not so enthusiastic players who yes could be very good but they have to want it, you cannot make them want it. Sure you can continue slamming the coach/coaches but why. We have parents that get their way enough in this town. But let me tell you if a coach yells too loud, you know when they are motivating the kids it may hurt their tender pride. Which way do you want it or do we know? Please let these men do their jobs and when you say yep I will be there Friday no matter what to cheer the boys on, mean it! Cheer these boys on, surely we can do that. Good luck Owls !!

    -- Posted by darvin2200 on Tue, Sep 16, 2008, at 9:39 PM
  • Darvin...just wanted to make it perfectly clear I never intended to mean Coach hangs his head. I have nothing but respect for him, his assts, and the job they do everyday. I was talking about the lack of motivation the boys have. They make one bad play or the other team makes one good one, you can see it drain out of them like someone turned on the faucet. Yes it's great to win but I really don't care if they win or lose just as long as they continue to make the effort. There are people like myself that no matter what the score is, will be there again the next Friday. They've had 3 very difficult games and I saw a lot of promise in the second game. If they come out against Boonville this Friday like they did in that game, we will win. Go Owls!

    -- Posted by wmm4obama on Wed, Sep 17, 2008, at 7:45 AM
  • I don't even want to get started, i'll just say that the majority of the people in the community, not this blog, agrees with er. I'll leave it at that.

    -- Posted by mtownresident on Thu, Sep 18, 2008, at 6:58 AM
  • When will sports go back to the way it was and the way it should be?

    I can't help but to sit and think of why Marshall sports have taken such a drastic turn for the worse? I see the fans in the stands and hear them talking about the failures of the HS football coaching staff and hear all the things that they would do differently. Maybe it's not the coaches fault, maybe there is a lot of blame to share.

    Coaches are the easiest scapegoat when it comes to a program loosing. The one thing that remains unfair is that the coach has little to no opportunity to truely be a coach to some of these kids. Parents too involved, sitting on the sidelines at practice, scoffing when a voice is raised toward their athlete, criticizing every move, etc.

    Let the coach be a coach. Sure a coach is going to scream and yeall and say some things that you really don't want to hear, but a good coach also take the time to let you reflect in your successes and doesn't allow you to get bigger then what you are. Practice is for the players and coaches, parents stay home!!!! if you want to coach at whatever level, then do it, otherwise let them be. Once they hit junior high, it is time to let them go. If they are being yelled out, maybe they deserve it. maybe they aren't giving the effort. maybe they are lazy at practice, maybe they aren't paying attention,a ll things you can't see from the sidelines but are quick to put your 2 cents in. go back to the days when you earn a position, not have one given to you. The YMCA mentality of everyone plays is garbage and has no place in sports after grade school. If you are good enough, you will play, if you have the heart and desire to get better you will play, if you aren't any good, practice.

    If parents spent the time practicing with their kids outside of formal practices instead of critiquing from the sideline, little junior might actually get better. Quit complaining about playing time when he gets burned on the end for a touchdown everytime the other team touches the ball.

    Coaches owe it to the kids to provide a quality program, it's about time they did what they need to do to do it, rather then trying to suffice the parents who complain

    -- Posted by BDawk4Prez on Mon, Sep 22, 2008, at 4:29 PM
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