Fewer steers, but sale brings in nearly $12,000

Wednesday, August 20, 2008
Paul Dehn watches the crowd as bidders vie for his steer during the annual Saline County Fair steer sale held Tuesday, Aug. 19. Dehn''s steer was the Grand Champion Market Steer during the July show. His steer brought a $2,400 premium from a large group of businesses. (Marcia Gorrell/Democrat-News)

Although the number of animals was down from previous years, the premiums paid by local businesses were not, as 11 steers brought $11,750 total premiums at the annual Saline County Fair steer sale held Tuesday, Aug. 19, at the Saline County Fairground.

The high selling animal, weighing 1,366 pounds, was the Grand Champion Market Steer exhibited by Paul Dehn of rural Marshall.

It brought a $2,400 premium, paid by a large group including Central Missouri Agri-Service, Wood & Huston Bank, Coreslab, Mid- Missouri Energy, Hahn & Phillips, Deems Farm Equipment, KMMO, Jamie Ulbrich, Dehn Show Steers, Ken Sampson Auto Repair, Derek Davis Excavating, Jason Martin Show Steers and Monsanto.

The 1,155-pound Reserve Grand Champion steer, exhibited by Breinne Clemens of rural Marshall, garnered a $1,100 premium. Those buyers were Wood & Huston Bank, Monsanto, Central Missouri AgriService and Murphy Cattle Company.

Evan Summers of Slater showed cattle at the Saline County Fair for the first time this year. Above, his 1,377 pound steer sold Tuesday Aug. 19, during the annual Steer Sale held at the fairgrounds. His steer brought a $900 premium from Deems Farm Equipment. (Marcia Gorrell/Democrat-News)

Two first-time exhibitors Dane Branson, 11, and Evan Summers, 13, said they enjoyed the experience of showing their first steers this summer at the Saline County Fair.

"It was fun," said Branson, who just started fifth grade at Bueker Middle School in Marshall.

Branson said his uncle and cousin helped teach him to properly "set up" his animal during the show.

"I learned to have the front feet together," he said.

Branson's 1,260-pound steer, named VanDyke, sold for a $1,050 premium to Springfield Peterbilt, Jim's Tire Service of Sedalia, Pioneer Café, Wood & Huston Bank, Monsanto, Eidson & Ussery, Branson Trucking, Sam Kat Trucking, Marshall Dairy Queen, Story Trucking and Clay Jackson Farms.

Summers, who just began eighth grade at Bueker, said he had always wanted to show steers but waited until he was old enough to take care of them himself with minimal help.

First time steer exhibitor Dane Branson said he learned how to properly set up his animal before the Saline County Fair steer show held in July. Above, he watches Mike Page gather bids during the Saline County Fair Steer Sale held on Tuesday, Aug. 19. (Marcia Gorrell/Democrat-News)

"I was old enough to handle them this year and not have my parents as involved as much," he said.

This summer he showed two steers, Jack and Hoss, at the fair. He sold one, weighing 1,377 pounds, Tuesday evening to Deems Farm Equipment of Marshall for a $900 premium. They also paid the market price for the steer and sent the animal to the locker plant.

Next year, both Branson and Summers plan to show cattle again.

"I think I'm going to show two steers and a heifer," said Summers, who purchased the animals from his grandfather.

Other exhibitors selling steers included Matt Harris, 1,540 pounds, market, $700 to Mid-Missouri Energy; Jodie Harris, 1,425 pounds, market, $800 to FCS Financial; Shawn Harris, 1,467 pounds, market, $900 to K.C.

Power; Britney Harris, 1,451 pounds, market, $1,250 to Marshall Equipment; Kade Plattner, 1,095 pounds, premium, $800 to Central Missouri Agri-Services; Zack King, 1,198 pounds, market, $1,100 to Vic and Eric Chevalier of Mid Missouri Equine, Dave Cramer of Community Bank, Citizen's Bank and Trust of Pilot Grove and Blackwater, Bart Vesser, Derek Davis of Davis Excavating and Jack Schibre, and Katelyn Wansing, 1,000 pounds, premium, $1,000 to Central Missouri Agri-Services.

The exhibitors who sell as "premium" retain ownership of their animals, while those selling as market not only receive the premium price, but also will get a per-pound market price, which was set by McGraw Cattle Company of Marshall.

Buyers of those steers have an option to send the animal to market or to a locker plant.

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