Rape charge not pursued by county prosecutor

Friday, February 24, 2006

A memorandum of "nolle prosequi" without prejudice was filed Wednesday by Saline County Prosecuting Attorney Don Stouffer in Division Six of the Circuit Court regarding the case of Stephen P. Long, who was charged earlier this month with felony forcible rape.

"Nolle prosequi" is Latin for "unwilling to pursue" and means the prosecution does not intend to pursue the case at this time. The term is not the equivalent of acquittal or dismissal with prejudice.

Long, 20, of Marshall, had been arraigned and formally charged Feb. 8.

The report that led to the charge was filed with Marshall police just before midnight Feb. 6 by a 17-year-old female who reported a sexual assault.

Prosecuting Attorney Don Stouffer declined to comment on the matter Thursday, citing legal restrictions. Marshall police indicated that by law the file in the case could not be made available and also declined to comment Thursday.

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