YMCA launches annual Strong Kids Campaign

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

According to Salt Fork YMCA Executive Director Jack Harvey, without the annual Strong Kids Campaign, there would, unfortunately, be less members who are able to afford YMCA program and membership fees.

"The reason for this campaign is to make the 'Y' available to everyone," Harvey said. "This gives us the funds to allow less privileged families to become YMCA members."

Harvey stated that the huge majority of YMCAs in the nation are non-profit organizations that depend on the contributions of residents and donors to facilitate the cost of some programs and allow people from all segments of the community to participate.

Harvey said funds received through the Strong Kids Campaign are used in several ways, from helping with joining fees or membership dues to paying for boys and girls to be part of missions trips or summer day camps. "This way, no one is denied an opportunity to become a YMCA member," he said.

Harvey also said that the Salt Fork YMCA is very fortunate to have such wonderful members and residents in the community.

"We're very blessed the community has supported the program so much," he said. "It's very critical we have a successful campaign. so it's a wonderful thing to see the support we get and we are all very appreciative."

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