Slater working toward park restroom renovations

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Restroom facilities in the Slater City Park may be poised to get a estimated $34,600 face lift. The Slater City Council is seeking a grant to make improvements on the facilities near the children's playground portion of the park, improving the restrooms and making them more accessible to the handicapped.

A review of the restrooms drawn up by Marshall Engineering and Surveying Inc. called the facilities "fair, but out of compliance with ADA [Americans with Disabilities Act] requirements and somewhat unsanitary without continuous maintenance." The new renovations will address all of these concerns, but bringing the building up to ADA codes will be important for the city to receive grant aid covering up to 45 percent for the work.

To meet the ADA codes, the restrooms' narrow 30-inch doors will be replaced by 36-inch doors. Lavatories and toilets made from vitreous china will be replaced by more durable and handicap accessible stainless steel units, and the sidewalk will be raised to be level with the floor. Adult and children's handicap drinking fountains will also be added outside.

Part of the high price tag is in the higher quality material for many of the renovations. "When you build with stainless [steel], it really raises the cost," said Gene Griffith, assistant city administrator. "But it's a one-time cost for the most part," Councilman Stephen Allegri said, and several members of the council noted that the material would be more durable and easier to clean.

Also included in the bill are repainting, sandblasting and structural improvements. Extra security lighting will be added, as well as non-breakable lighting fixtures inside. The flat roof would also be replaced by a pitched, shingled roof that would overhang the entrances.

Councilman Terry Jordan felt the bill was incomplete, and overpriced. "It's nice fixtures, but they're just horribly high," he told the council. All other members voted in favor of the change.

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