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Monday, October 6, 2003
The Marshall Democrat-News editorial department includes Sports Editor Chris Allen, staff writers Jenny Bryers and Naomi Campbell, Editor Mark Lile and Senior Staff Writer Chris Post.

Editor's note: In celebration of National Newspaper Week, Oct. 5-11, the Marshall Democrat-News is highlighting various departments of the newspaper. This is the first in a five-part series.

Any newspaper is a team of people, working together to communicate and lend perspective to current events. And the final product doesn't get to you, the reader, without a lot of people doing their jobs along the way.

But when most people think of newspapers, the first individuals they usually think of are the reporters and editors -- the people who write the news stories, take photographs and lay out pages for each edition.

At the Democrat-News, the newsroom includes Editor Mark Lile, Sports Editor Chris Allen, Senior Staff Writer Chris Post and staff writers Naomi Campbell and Jenny Bryers.

For seniority among Democrat-News editors and reporters, Allen is tops, having come to the Marshall newspaper in October 1996 after holding numerous positions in radio news and sports.

A one-man sports department, Allen covers all high school sports in Saline County in addition to Santa Fe High School and Missouri Valley College.

Post, a 1998 graduate of Central Missouri State University, started his employment with the Democrat-News in June of that year. Now the senior staff writer, he also has responsibility for the weekly health page which runs on Tuesdays. The rest of Post's beat, reporter terminology for areas regularly reported on, includes Marshall city government, Marshall Municipal Utilities, Marshall public schools, local courts, law enforcement and Missouri Valley College. He also updates the newspaper's Web site each day, Monday through Friday.

Campbell is a December 2001 graduate of Northwest Missouri State University and also joined the Democrat-News for her first post-graduation newspaper job.

Her responsibilities include the faith page each Friday, Cook of the Week stories and photos that run each Wednesday, Malta Bend and Slater public schools, Saline County Inter-Agency Council, the Marshall Public Library, Salt Fork YMCA, United Way and St. Peter School.

Bryers is the "newest" member of the Democrat-News reporting staff, coming to Marshall from Madison, Wis., in February of this year. She is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and is putting her background in agricultural journalism to work assembling the agriculture pages each Tuesday. In addition to those pages, Bryers is responsible for all content of the weekly business page on Thursday along with reporting on the Saline County Commission, Slater City Council, Sweet Springs schools and Board of Aldermen, the Marshall Chamber of Commerce and Arrow Rock.

In addition to laying out the front page and all non-sports pages not done by a reporter, Lile is in charge of each day's people and perspective pages. He is a 1987 graduate of Drury College in Springfield and has held positions with the Marshfield Mail, a weekly newspaper in southwest Missouri, and the York News-Times and Beatrice Daily Sun, both six-day dailies in Nebraska. He came to Marshall in July 1998.

"As your hometown newspaper, the Democrat-News has, for several years, stressed the 'all-local' front page," he said. "To me, this means ensuring that news stories that no other media outlet -- especially newspapers from further away -- are going to cover get priority treatment. This means the good, like school programs, Homecoming queens and 'feature' stories, along with the bad news such as crime, traffic wrecks and controversial issues in government.

"What the Democrat-News has to offer, on a daily basis, is something our readers don't get other places," he said.

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