Malta Bend school board approves plan for school improvement

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Members of the Malta Bend Board of Education approved the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan Tuesday, setting goals for the district's next five years.

Board members, staff and community members met with Superintendent Scott Huddleston to derive the new plan over the summer and, with the onset of the new school year, it was ready to be put into action.

The CSIP is designed to help the district academically and instructionally as well as non-academically and as a structure of the community, Huddleston said. The plan helps the district set and follow steps to meet goals concerning personnel, learning environment, facilities and services.

During the community portion of the plan, Huddleston said he hopes to meet in the near future with City Council members.

"We'll see if there's anything we can do about improving the appearance of the town and if there's anything the kids can do, the student council, to help with that," he said, also mentioning that some housing improvements could be made to enhance the appearance of Malta Bend.

Huddleston would also like to have a meeting with parents who are paying tuition for their children to attend school in Marshall instead of Malta Bend.

"We're going to see why and what we could do to keep them here, get them back," he said. "See if there are things we can do differently to get them back. We need them. If we could get those guys back it would sure make a difference for us."

Another aspect of the community portion of the district's CSIP would be to start a charitable foundation once the Mid-Missouri Energy ethanol plant is in business. Huddleston said he would approach MME to see if it would make some donations toward such a foundation that would support the educational endeavors of Malta Bend schools.

Another idea for improvement the board included in the plan involves saving money by making school facilities more energy efficient.

"We can review our plan or add to it next summer, but it's a good starting place and can point us in the right direction," Huddleston said.

In addition to approving the new CSIP, board members voted to:

* accept the federal assurance statement presented by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The adoption of the statement is something the board does every year to ensure the district will comply with special education policies.

* approve the sending school tuition. Malta Bend will pay $18.50 per student per year for four students enrolled in classes at the Saline County Career Center.

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