Children's services winner in first-ever Fame Game

Monday, September 15, 2003
Tabitha Cox, Sheri Witcher, Connie Latimer and Margaret Cott cheer for the red team during the Fame Game Sunday afternoon at Indian Foothills Park.

No one could determine who won the Fame Game during the annual Mile of Money fund raiser Sunday at Indian Foothills Park, and to anyone asked, it didn't matter.

Osage Field was a little muddy in some areas, but a "red" team and "blue" team competed in a wacky game somewhat resembling baseball. Local celebrities were led by blue team captain Dave Williams and red team captain Kevin Hart, and at the end of three innings, everyone had taken three at-bats.

"We weren't real sure how things were going to work, but having the different balls we could pitch and wooden bats, plastic bats and even a tennis racket to use made it pretty interesting," Hart said.

From the start, lefties began to use their right hands, and vice versa, but it was difficult enough for some of the players because they never knew what would be coming at them. A regular baseball, a tennis ball and other kinds of bouncy balls came flying or flopping out of the pitchers' hands. Once the batters hit a ball, they were to run the bases, just like in any other baseball game. However, third base was treated as first, and first served as third, making the game a bit backward.

"There were a few wet spots out there and (John) Angelhow finally took a slide," Hart said. "There were others who really didn't try to slide, but it happened to them anyway."

The Fame Game, which was a new addition to the annual Mile of Money fund-raiser coordinated by the Lighthouse Shelter, was part of the fund-raiser split between the 15th Judicial Circuit Court CASA, Lighthouse Shelter and the Saline County Learning Center.

Proceeds from ticket sales, concessions and the Mile of Money will go toward the organizations' children's programs.

"I think it was a big success," said Lighthoue victim advocate Rachael Woodring, although the the amount of money raised had yet to be announced Monday morning. "The players had a lot of fun and that's the main goal. And, in the beginning, a lot of the kids who had come with their parents got to bat and run the bases some and cheerlead during the game. That wasn't planned, but that was great."

Lighthouse Shelter Executive Director Debbie Wallace said she is already looking forward to helping coordinate the fund-raiser next year.

"Money is still coming in and since this was our first year doing it like this together, we're happy with the way things turned out," she said, adding that there were about 250 people in attendance. "We don't really know who won the game. Probably, you could ask either team and they'd say they won."

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