8,500+ reassessment notices to be sent out

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Saline County Assessor Margaret Pond, who took office in 2003, announced Wednesday she has completed the reassessment of real estate in the county, which will be valid for 2003-04.

The county's commercial property had not been reassessed since 1985, many parcels of land since around 1985 and residential property since 1997.

"State law says you're supposed to appraise it at market value every two years," said Randy Turley, chief council for the State Tax Commission, earlier this year. "In Saline County's case, they weren't making any increase."

By law, the county assessor must evaluate property based on its market value, which must be updated to ensure funding to local schools. If a property's value has decreased or remained the same, no notice is required to be sent.

The 8,591 notices of increases in properties' value have been ready for a few days, but the postage machine at the Saline County Courthouse is not working.

"A lot of mail is piling up at the courthouse," said Southern District Commissioner Mike Dillon Wednesday. He said the notices would be sent either with a fixed machine or stamped by hand Wednesday.

Property owners who feel there is an error is their assessment, or believe it does not reflect the market value of their property, may set up an appointment to discuss the assessment with Pond or her staff. Owners should be prepared to present substantial evidence supporting what they feel is the property's value. If owners are still unsatisfied, they can appeal to the county Board of Equalization, which consists of the county commissioners, by contacting County Clerk Ken Bryant at (660) 886-3331.

Pond said she had not been contacted by anyone who suffered damage during the severe storms that hit the area in early May, but took visible damage into account when assessing properties.

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