St. Peter School's Famous Missourians Living Museum

Wednesday, May 8, 2013
Carlos Restrepo/Democrat-News

Fourth grade students from St. Peter Catholic School performed in the annual Famous Missourians Living Museum Tuesday, May 7, in the gym of the school. A total of 18 students each dressed up and read a prepared presentation on their famous Missourian of choice, as parents, teachers and other students listened to their presentations. The students participating were Steven Argueta, as Walt Disney; Jaxon Beeler, as Ulysses S. Grant; Kate Donnell, as Margaret Tobin Brown; Brandi Eddy, as Laura Ingalls Wilder; MacKenna Eidson, as Bob James; Christopher Galinedo, as George Washington Carver; Chris Hernandez, as Omar Bradley; Jeff Hollabaugh, as Mark Twain; Jack Huston, as Jim the Wonder Dog; Chandler Johnson, as James Cash Penny; Daniel Ortiz, as Harry S .Truman; Carter Pooser, as Elizabeth Truman; Kelly Rivera, as Sacajawea; Allie Schulte, as Susan Blow; Emma Schulte, as Martha "Calamity" Jane Cannary; John Ulbrich, as Daniel Boone; Lex Wheeler, as Bob Barker; Eli Wise, as Jesse James. **Read the rest of the story: