Slater Fall Fest to take place Oct. 14-16, McQueen Day scheduled for June 19

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

The city of Slater is preparing for the annual Steve McQueen Day for Saturday, June 19, which was unable to be held last year due to the pandemic.

The city of Slater hosts the seventh annual Steve McQueen Day on Main Street in 2013.
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During a regular Slater City Council meeting on Tuesday, April 6, Councilman Terry Jordan stated the trophies for the special event have already been made.

“It’s starting to get out there,” Assistant City Administrator Gene Griffith said. “ … I had a call from Iowa, so it’s starting to get out there and we’re going to start promoting it and hopefully have a good day and a good show. Got a couple food vendors lined up to set up that day.”

He noted what it all comes down to now is just the weather.

“We need to probably contact C&R (Market) and give them a little heads up that this is coming,” Jordan said.

Mayor Stephen Allegri stated they have already spoken to the grocery store about this upcoming event.

“They said they could work around anything,” Griffith added.

Jordan asked if that included the Slater Fall Festival, which has been scheduled to take place Oct. 14-16. Griffith said yes.

Speaking of the fall festival, Allegri took the time to read a press release and thank a resident in particular who made it possible for the city to have a carnival.

“It’s about three to four weeks later than previous years, but we do have a carnival,” he said. “Fall festival chairman Jenny Crawford has booked Jones & Company for a three-day festival.”

Allegri stated Crawford and her co-chairman Shyanne Sellers contacted more than 25 carnivals before discovering Jones & Company.

“Jones was the only one that was willing to extend their season for Slater to have a carnival,” Allegri added. “ … Jenny said while it is a little later than normal, she hopes weather will not be a factor and it’s their understanding that the festival was once held in October [years ago]. She also stated that several carnivals mentioned October as some of their best shows, nice warm days and cooler fall temps at night. The perfect weather for fall festival. She invites all vendors to get a hold of her.”

The mayor thanked Crawford for her persistence and not taking a no for an answer in order to make the 2021 Slater Fall Festival happen. He also thanked Crawford for all the work she has done for the last 14 years.

“There’s just not very few carnivals out there anymore,” Allegri said. “The COVID knocked out a lot of them. They were going out — some of them — out of business because of the high cost of insurance. October can be great, if you remember last Halloween kids were running around in shorts going door-to-door.”

He stated he appreciates all the work Crawford did because she did have to do a lot of searching to get a carnival.

“So hopefully everything will go great,” Allegri noted.

Vendors and participants can learn more or inquire about the 2021 Slater Fall Festival by contacting the city hall office at 660-529-2271 or visiting the public Facebook group named Slater Fall Festival (Slater, Mo).

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