Warranty Deeds: Nov. 24-30, 2020

Thursday, December 3, 2020

The following are warranty deeds filed by Saline County Recorder of Deeds Jamie Franklin Nichols from Nov. 24-30, 2020:

Roy L. Hinton, Jr. to James William McCartney, Lots 8 & 18, Claiborne Fox Village Ad., Marshall. General Notes: Parcel 8A, Claiborne Fox Village.

Fusion P. Farms, LLC to Peggy Lou Munroe, pt. SW of S10 T48 R21.

Margaret & Roy Neal McCampbell, Danella & Jim Stucky to Laura Jean Bryant, pt. SE of S11 T50 R21.

Ann T. & Robert M. Orear to Adam G. & Angela D. Plattner, Lots 1-3, Blk. 11, Original Town, Grand Pass.

Erick Reyes to Josefina Medina De Farfan, Lot 18, Valley View Ad., Marshall.

Jesse L. & Robyn James to Leahanne M. Sellers, Lot 6, Blk. 31, North Ext. 3rd Addition North Slater.

Boy Scout Troup #41 to Brenda K. & Charles E. Weiher, Lot 17, Blk. 22, 2nd Ext. North Ad., Slater.

Mark C. & Mary Ann Plexico to Moss Davis Rentals, LLC, Lot 6, McElwaine Place, Marshall.

Hannah B. Gochenour & Tyler M. Key to Alexander Richardson, Lots 62 & 69, Southland Park Ad., Marshall.

Deborah S. & Timothy L. Trimble to Melissa L. & Michael J. Schure, pt. NW of S11 T51 R20

Melissa L. & Michael J. Schure to Hannah B. Gochenour & Tyler Key, Lots 4 & 5, Blk. 7, West Ext., West Ad., Slater.

Jack C. & Leota F. Hanes to Pamela J. Garner, Lot 3, Blk. 3, Breathitt & Sebree Ad., Marshall.