Warranty Deeds: Nov. 17-23, 2020

Friday, November 27, 2020

The following are warranty deeds filed by Saline County Recorder of Deeds Jamie Franklin Nichols from Nov. 17-23, 2020:

James & Kris Welch to Brenda Stovall & Brittany Tyler, Lot 5, Blk. 40, Addition by Commons, Marshall.

Keeper P. & Lauren Kays to Keeper P. & Lauren Kays, Lot 4, Eastwood Ad., Marshall.

Shannon L. & Shawn M. Hoey to Dawn & Ronald Parker, pt. SW of S12 T50 R21.

Harry W. Rehkop, III & Krista D. Rehkop to Lucas D. Toliver, Lots 3 & 4, Blk. G, Blackburn & Rea 2nd Ad., Blackburn.

Emelia Fern Raasch GST Trust to Lester Franklyn Ryan Raasch, pt. NE & pt. NW of S22 T51 R22.

Laura A. & Robert W. Johnson to Cole N. Johnson, Lots 49 & 50, Park Place-Marshall.

Shirley Sumilang to Elizabeth D. Craig, Lots 6-8, Blk. 14, Jonathan Herring Ad., Sweet Springs.

Wood & Huston Bank to JSM Properties, LLC, Lot 36, West Mar Ad., Marshall.

Adrienne Allen to Albert & Phesa Wright, Lot 57, Park Place-Marshall. Associated Documents: 1196-33 & 2020-3251.

Adam W. Mueller, Becky Jo Young AKA Becky J. Mueller to Adam W. Mueller & Becky Jo Young, pt. SW & pt. SE of S7 T51 R23.

Lori Sue & Michael C. Roberts to Stephen Stroade, Lots 51 & 52, Blk. 12, Original Town, Arrow Rock.