Warranty Deeds: Oct. 27-Nov. 2, 2020

Thursday, November 5, 2020

The following are warranty deeds filed by Saline County Recorder of Deeds Jamie Franklin Nichols from Oct. 27-Nov. 2, 2020:

Kyle W. & Xantiana King to Jeremy & Rebecca Barnett, Lot 27, South Heights Ad., Marshall.

Kim S. & Richard W. Whitlock to Bruce E. & Florence E. Knowles, Lot 7, Blk. 1, Strothers 1st Ad., Marshall.

Jenifer R. Smith to Sara Beatriz Sandoval, Lots 19 & 20, Blk. 9, Original Town-Slater.

Janet L. & Mike D. Samson to Jeffrey P. & Teresa M. Hoey, Lot 118, Sunrise Hills 3rd Ad., Marshall.

Ferguson Family Trust to Devin & Sonya Held, Lot 109, Town & Country Estates, Marshall. Associated Document: 2013-1245.

Devin J. & Sonya Held to Karla K. Campbell, Lots 1, 4, & 5, Blk. 5, Sunset Hill Ad., Marshall.

George Ann Eaks to Clyde W. and George Ann Eaks Trust, pt. NW & pt. SW of S12, pt. NW of S13, & pt. NE of S14, all in T49 R21.

Ronald Alvin Monnig Trust to James Michael & Jessica Marie Breshears, Lots 3, 4, 7-10, 13, & 14, all in Johnson Ad., Slater. Associated Document: 2011-2502.

Lenora M. & Terry J. Beeler to Rachel L. & Scott M. Guthrey, pt. NE of S14 T50 R21.

Kevin M. & Marla J. Messing to Gary Harlow, Lot 32, Westport Estates I Ad., Marshall.

Paul D. & Rebecca D. Porter to Shelly Henderson, pt. NE of S14 T50 R21.

Julie M. & Mark D. Butner to Geriad L. Robinett ( int.) & Rachael L. Woodring ( int.), Lot 60, Park Place-Marshall.

Barbara Powell AKA Barbara England & Colt G. Powell to Napoleon S. Donre & Maurine G. Dosalwa, Lots 23 & 24, Goldin Hills Sub, Marshall.

Alan L. & Barbara Criswell to Jeanette Eileen Kimberling & Morgan Michelle Thompson, Lot 28, Westport Estates I Ad., Marshall.

Jeff A. & Kelly N. Wilkinson to Paul E. & Thelma S. Reynolds, Lot 49, East Marshall Ad., Marshall.

Michael G. & Judith P. Hemme Trust to Clarence Hemme Trust for Sheryl Riesterer, pt. NW of S2 T50 R23.