Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Happy with Fitzgibbon care

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Iím sure you as patrons cannot know what wonderful servers we have in our local hospital until you have been forced to experience it as I have.

After my fall at my home, breaking my hip, I have profited from their care at Fitzgibbon. From the ambulance ride to my last day at the hospital, the capital word CARE has influenced every move they have made.

We all need to know what a great facility we have at Fitzgibbon, the basic of which is the great staff of doctors, nurses, therapists, and even the great cooks, janitors, etc. The patient is always the center of attention and each and every worker is trained with this in mind. Even in pressing for painful movements that the patient must do to recover, they do so gently, lovingly, with care topmost in all their dealings with the patients.

So, with a cheerful face and a smile, the patient comes first. No matter their own aches and pains, they do the best for their patient.

Unselfishly, they care for each, whether they are cooperative or not, and are always kind and cheerful.

In addition to all the wonderful personnel, an array of diagnostic equipment tells them the problem. Itís unbelievable the number of machines they have to search for each problem as they can make repairs. They have also developed the easiest and least painful ways to use the machines.

In questioning the personnel, I am amazed at how many places they come from. Some drive great distances to fulfill their work at Fitzgibbon. The Career Center, MVC, State Fair at Sedalia, and many more are listed as their source of education.

I was amazed at how kind and gentle you can be treated by people who are trained to do so. But if you donít love people and have great strength, you may not be the best advocate of the nursing system.

My plus-month with these great saints has taught me much and I will always glorify the great treatment I received. The doctors are also faithful in their care and visit often and explain to the patient their status.

Iím grateful for the care and kindness I received while a patient at Fitzgibbon.

Irene Sims

Retired teacher