Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Response to recent letter

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Dear Editor,

The letter about BLM, etc., is very discouraging! If a person cannot feel empathy now for the economic and legal injustice the black race faces now, would they have felt empathy for slaves in the past? One does not have to be a socialist or communist to know that it was capitalism that enslaved blacks for 300 years and it was capitalism that killed off an Indian population from estimated 4(some estimate 15 million) down to 275,000.

Were masters of slaves and those who killed Indians and stole their land communist, or socialist? These economic theories were hardly even heard of back then! Some socialist and communist leaders, like some capitalist leaders, have been very destructive to lives. But if we won't help blacks and Native Americans because some leaders of BLM have communist or socialist ideas, how can we expect those wounded heavily by capitalism support capitalist causes.

Blacks and Native Americans have been the building blocks of our country. We are rich because they gave us free labor and free land. Can we like the Priest and Levite “Walk by ‘them’ on the other side?” If we have trouble with BLM leadership, give them your wisdom.  They are not “walking by on the other side.”

Al Peuster,

formerly of Slater, Mo.