Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: Agenda

Friday, September 4, 2020

Because we were formed as a Christian nation and put God first, it was known to man that all lives matter from conception to natural death, and God’s ways are superior to all other ways of man. God hates the killing of innocent life at all stages and a person cannot dress it up with their opinion, saying things like choice or mercy. Listen closely, the Black Lives Matter movement was started by Marxist/Communists and the leaders have spoken openly that they are trained Marxists. They are being used by traitors against God, family, and country, like Soros and other wealthy elites, and the Marxist/Communist agenda does not put God or His people first, and you can see by the last 100 years that hundreds of millions were killed by their atheistic/humanistic agenda. All institutions have been infiltrated by the Marxist/Communist agenda, and once people start listening to the rhetoric that comes from Satan to try and dress up evil, people can buy into those who seek money, sex, and power. All political parties have been infiltrated, education has been infiltrated, media has been infiltrated, Churches have been infiltrated, which has caused the decay of morals of our once great nation and puts everyone at risk.

BLM does not even care about the most innocent black lives, because that is not what their agenda is about, it is not about justice for blacks, that is just a tool that the communists use to divide people, to cause what is happening all over the country, as a cover for their evil. Death and destruction to get their way is what they are about. Yes there are bad actors in all entities.

Like Reagan who said, “I did not leave the Democrat party, they left me” I used to vote Democrat until they changed their platform to be against God, family, and country. No Shepherd or one calling themselves Catholic, Christian, or a person of good will, can vote for the Democrats who have embraced the Marxist/Communist agenda. They will destroy America even more than it is happening now. Shepherds and leaders that say it is ok to vote Democrat, are what the Communists would call “Useful Idiots” and put lives and souls at risk of hell for eternity, even their own. Kneel down, repent, turn from evil and pray, God has given us a way that works.

Gregory Thompson