Saline County Election Results | Missouri voters pass Amendment 2

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Missouri voters cast their ballots Tuesday, Aug. 5, in the Primary Election, selecting their candidates for various state offices, U.S. Representatives, county offices, and several ballot initiatives.

For the office of Governor of Missouri, Gov. Mike Parson won the Republican vote statewide with 510,471. He will run against Democrat candidate Nicole Galloway, who had 453,331 votes. Libertarian Rik Combs had 4,161 votes and Green Party candidate Jerome Howard Bauer had 858 votes.

U.S. Representative for District 5 Emanuel Cleaver II won the Democrat Party nomination with 74,940 votes. He will run against Republican Ryan Derks, who took home 13,826 votes Tuesday. Libertarian candidate Robin Dominick had 542 votes.

Although Saline County residents voted down Constitutional Amendment 2, the measure passed statewide with 53.25 percent voting “yes” and 46.75 percent voting “no.”

The following are election results from Saline County:

Governor for Missouri (REP)

Raleigh Ritter85
Mike Parson1,967
James W. (Jim) Neely159
Saundra McDowell232

Governor for Missouri (DEM)

Nicole Galloway1,019
Jimmie Matthews102
Antoin Johnson31
Eric Morrison88
Robin John Daniel Van Quaethem22

Governor for Missouri (LIB)

Rik Combs19

Governor for Missouri (GRN)

Jerome Howard Bauer


Lieutenant Governor for Missouri (REP)

Arnie C. AC Dienoff122
Mike Kehoe1,554
Aaron T. Wisdom138
Mike Carter414

Lieutenant Governor for Missouri (DEM)

Gregory A. Upchurch431
Alissia Canady760

Lieutenant Governor for Missouri (LIB)

Bill Slantz19

Lietuenant Governor for Missouri (GRN)

Kelley Dragoo2

Secretary of State (REP)

John R. (Jay) Ashcroft2,224

Secretary of State (DEM)

Yinka Faleti1,093

Secretary of State (LIB)

Carl Herman Freese19

Secretary of State (GRN)

Paul Lehmann1

Secretary of State (CST)

Paul Venable2

State Treasurer (REP)

Scott Fitzpatrick2,130

State Treasurer (DEM)

Vicki Lorenz Englund1,101

State Treasurer (LIB)

Nicholas (Nick) Kasoff19

State Treasurer (GRN)

Joseph Civettini2

Attorney General (REP)

Eric Schmitt2,147

Attorney General (DEM)

Rich Finneran725

Elad Gross 441

Attorney General (LIB)

Kevin C. Babcock19

U.S. Representative in Congress for 5th District (REP)

Clay Chastain400
Ryan Derks559
Weldon (Wilbur) Woodward154
Richonda Oaks71
R.H. (Twin Bears) Hess143
Jerry W. Barham878

U.S. Representative for 5th District (DEM)

Emanuel Cleaver II1,084
Maite Salazar206

U.S. Representative for 5th District (LIB)

Robin Dominick19

State Senator 21st District (REP)

Denny Hoskins2,038

State Senator 21st District (LIB)

Mark Bliss18

State Representative 48th District (REP)

Tim Taylor479
Don (Donnie) Baragary193

State Representative 48th District (DEM)

William (Bill) Betteridge247

State Representative for 51st District (REP)

Kurtis Gregory1,558

State Representative for 51st District (LIB)

William Truman (Bill) Wayne12

County Commissioner Northern District (REP)

Stephanie Gooden514
Jonathan R. Borges472

County Commissioner Southern District (DEM)

Monte Fenner718

Saline County Sheriff (REP)

Mike Thomas1,960

Saline County Sheriff (DEM)

Cindi Mullins1,220

Saline County Assessor (REP)

Jessica Adcock Goodman2,151

Saline County Treasurer (REP)

Jared Brewer2,075

Saline County Public Administrator (DEM)

Paula J. Barr1,173

Committeewoman for City of Marshall Ward 1 (REP)

Annetta J. Byrd137
Nellie Bailey145

Constitutional Amendment No. 2 for Missouri


Proposition 1 for Blackwater R-II School District

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