Thursday, July 30, 2020

The following are warranty deeds submitted by the Saline County Recorder’s Office for the week of July 21-27, 2020

Dale E. Boring to Jacob M. Phillips, Lots 1 & 2, Blk. 33, College Ad., Marshall.

Cheryl S. & Scott M. Hager to Kayla Beth & Kristopher Howard Raven, pt. SW ¼ of S11 T48


Kayla Beth & Kristopher Howard Raven to Travis A. Wike, Lots 14-16, Blk. 1, Wares Ad.,

Sweet Springs.

S&B Land, LLC to Plattner L. Spencer Trust, pt. NW ¼, pt. SE ¼, & pt. SW ¼ of S19 T50 R22.

Diane T. & William H. Dudenhoeffer, Deborah T. & Oliver Martin Smith, Jr. to Derick &

Katherine P. Samson, Lots 53 & 58, Southland Park Ad., Marshall.

Kari L. & Kenneth A. Mason to Katina Tiffany, Lot 50, Sunrise Hills 2 nd Ad., Marshall.

Tyler B. Rennison to Kaitlyn Fuehring, Lot 14, SK Rays Ad., Sweet Springs.

Arthur B. & Virginia I. Jacobi to Sedalia Aesthetics, LLC, Lot 2, Blk. 20, Original Town-


Pauline M. Sullivan to Velda & Walter Cadwell, Lots 2 & 3, Blk. 8, Hudsons Ad. & Lot 6,

Gosline Sub, Marshall.

David B. Tomchuk to Lucia Espinoza Garcia, Lot 5, Blk. 3, Haggins Ad., Marshall.

Cory A. Baker, Jessica L. Baker (NKA) Jessica L. Crabtree to Christine L. & David Lee Tuttle,

Jr., Lots 66 & 67, Park Place-Marshall.

Derek & Kara Collins to Kathryne L. & Stephen V. Harris, Lots 4-6, Blk. 2, College Ad.,


Elizabeth & Robert W. Hunter to Derek & Kara Collins, pt. SE ¼ of S1 T49 R20.

Orleans Duplexs, LLC to Ciro Ramirez Reyes, Lots 36 & 36, South Heights Ad., Marshall.

Leslie Jones to Scott Novotny, Lots 12 & 13, Patrick Ad., Sweet Springs.

Rachel J. & Thomas J. Hoey to Cory & Jessica Baker, Lots 63 & 68, Southland Park Ad.,


Brian & Heather Aulgur to Courtney Campbell & Drew Marlar, Lot 6, Leawood Ad., Marshall.

Mid MO Premium Properties, LLC to Cloe & Shroyer Investment Properties, LLC, Lots 6 & 7,

Blk. 14, College Ad., Marshall.

Carl W. & Robin L. Webb to Christina M. Swank, Lot 1, Town & Country-Sweet Springs.

Shane R. & Stephanie L. Gooden to Shane R. & Stephanie L. Gooden, Lot 4, Blk. 4, Montague

& Franklin Ad., Marshall.