Thursday, July 23, 2020

The following are warranty deeds submitted by the Saline County Recorder’s Office for the week of July 14-20, 2020

Gregory N. & Jane L. Perkins to Kari Bales, Lots 2 & 3, Blk. 4, Laughlin Ad., Sweet Springs.

H&S Properties, LLC to Dennis A. Reidenback Trust, pt. SE ¼ of S17 & pt. NE ¼ of S20 T52


Marjorie R. Fletcher Trust to Donald R. & Michelle L. Boland, pt. SE ¼ of S9 & pt. SW ¼ of

S10, both in T49 R23. Associated Document: 2000-2426.

Hidden Opportunities, LLC to Ruben Zamora Loya, Lot 5, Blk. 38, Original Town-Marshall.

James D. Johnson to Charles M. Lee, Lot 18, Blk. H, W.T. Gilliam Ad., Gilliam.

Maribel Bravo Juarez & Wilebaldo Tena Tinoco to Michelle L. & Tony R. Gregory, Lots 5 & 6,

Blk. 8, 1 st Ext. Vers Ad., Marshall.

John E. Schibi, Jr. Trust to Larry & Rhonda King, pt. NW ¼ of S27 T50 R19. Associated

Documents: 2006-4983 & 2012-3923.

Edward Yeagle, Jr. & Janice A. Yeagle to Torri A. Blythe & Christian J. Phelps, pt. NW ¼ of

S22 T50 R21.

David Allen & Rosalia Katherine Watling to Emily & Josh Bryant, pt. NE ¼ of S8 T48 R21.

Connie J. & James M. Dohrman to Charles A. Baker, Sr. & Kim A. Baker, Lots 10-12, Blk. 7,

Grandview Ad., Slater.