Calling 911 for non-emergency lockouts is against the law

Monday, June 29, 2020

The number of calls to 911 for vehicle lockouts has increased recently, according to Marshall Fire Chief Tony Day, which could potentially put a burden on emergency workers. Calling 911 for non-emergency uses is misuse of 911 and actually against the law.

“If a person calls 911 more than once for a non-emergency lockout, it is possible they could get a summons to go to court,” Day explained.

911 calls for vehicle lockouts cost the city an estimated $1,000-$2,000, according to Day, because emergency personnel are required to respond.

Some vehicle lockouts can be considered emergencies, such as locking a child or pet in the car, or locking the keys in a running vehicle, which could lead to a fire. However, simply locking one’s keys in a non-running vehicle on an average-temperature day is better left to a locksmith.

Below is an active list of tow companies and lockout specialists that service the Marshall area:

Diehm’s Tire and Towing —Marshall

Jackie Ballew Towing — Marshall

Craig Thompson Towing — Marshall

Walter Cadwell Towing — Marshall

Don’s Towing — Sedalia

Nash’s Towing — Boonville

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