Lewis and Clark trail cyclist breaks in Marshall

Friday, June 26, 2020
Dr. Ray Bourey, of St. Louis, stops for a bite to eat at Rolla’s Kitchen in Marshall while traveling the Lewis & Clark bike trail.
Contributed by Holly Forsman

On Thursday, June 25, Dr. Ray Bourey walked his heavily equipped bicycle up to Rolla’s Kitchen on the Marshall square.

His bike was loaded down with supplies one would need for a week-long bicycle tour along the Lewis and Clark bicycle trail.

Bourey said he’d been taking long bike trips since he was 13 years old. A sports medicine doctor from St Louis, he had taken this bike trip, alone, to Independence to see the Truman Museum. Unhappily it was closed along with most every place he planned to visit or camp except a couple of community parks.

Contributed by Holly Forsman

Thrilled to find Middle Eastern food, with which he was familiar, he ordered heavily.

“I burn a lot of calories, “ he said shyly.

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