Letter to the Editor

Fitzgibbon Memorial Park

Friday, August 16, 2019

Dear Editor,

Being born and raised in Marshall, it is with great dismay that I hear of the condemnation of the old Fitzgibbon Hospital. I do realize that old buildings such as this have a lot of sentimental value, and oftentimes are very difficult to resurrect or demolish in a cost-efficient manner.

From the information I have seen, it does seem that Marshall’s citizens do want something done. I have driven by there when home visiting, and it is so sad to see it in its current state. I, myself, do have very fond memories of the hospital. My mother worked there as an RN for many years.

As I am not sure who currently owns the building, I think it would behoove the city of Marshall to vigorously attempt to work out some type of agreement with the owner. The city was able to work out an agreement with the state of Missouri regarding the old State School location, so maybe the current owner would be willing to negotiate something with the city. Would make an excellent tax write-off, if nothing else.

In order to possibly preserve some of those memories for myself and others in Marshall, I think Fitzgibbon Memorial Park should be developed. A paved walking trail that is wheelchair accessible would be nice. The path could give visitors the freedom to walk the path and view the beautiful trees and flowers that would be planted. Garden arbors and fountains with seating for enjoyment of the beautiful surroundings could provide peacefulness. A path or area constructed of bricks inscribed in honor of memories of friends and family who had a special relationship with Fitzgibbon Hospital could be installed. Some former employees, such as nurses or doctors, might wish to have a brick in their name. I believe a trail or garden such as this could serve as an excellent remembrance of the times and service the old Fitzgibbon Hospital gave to the Marshall community.

I’d like to ask the city leaders to try to address the issue of the old hospital. It would make the Marshall citizens very happy.

Terrie Westbrook Uhlmann

Deputy Clerk

Liberty, Mo.