Blackburn rock levee passes, Prosecuting Attorney states to keep an eye on children

Thursday, August 8, 2019

Prosecuting Attorney Tim Thompson made an announcement Thursday morning, Aug. 8, at the county commission meeting advising people to pay attention to their surroundings, as well as their children.

“I would urge people to pay attention to your surroundings,” Thompson said. “That includes strangers. Keep an eye on your children. Pay attention.”

Thompson was unable to provide any further information at the time due to law enforcement having an ongoing investigation with a suspicious driver. There was a concern about an alleged attempt to abduct a child. However, according to a press release Thompson issued Thursday afternoon, the investigation proved to be no cause for concern.

“MSHP located and interviewed the suspicious person and learned he was looking for his credit card that he may have lost while walking to or from a local restaurant, and did not appear o have any nefarious intentions toward a nearby child,” the press release stated. “The attentiveness of the family involved and phenomenal investigation by MSHP resulted in a sigh of relief for all those involved and not charges to be filed. Although this time there was no one harmed, child abductions are an unfortunate reality — we should all stay alert and do what we can to protect any child, at any time.”

In the release, Thompson stated he had wanted to encourage the community to pay attention to their surroundings because crime can happen in broad daylight or when you least expect it.

In other news, County Clerk Debbie Russell briefly talked about the special election Saline County had on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

“Saline County had an election on Tuesday and, again, it was a successful one for the Blackburn Special Road District,” Russell said.

With a 15.83 percent turnout, 34 yes votes and 10 no, Blackburn will have its rock levee passed. Russell stated the election will be certified on Friday, Aug. 9, at 1:30 p.m. with a bipartisan team. Russell noted the cost of the election was already paid in advance and that it went into the county revenue. As a result, they have fully been reimbursed and the revenue has gone up 35 cents.

Northern Commissioner Stephanie Gooden and Emergency Management Director Tony Day were scheduled to have a meeting with FEMA at 11 a.m., shortly after the commission meeting. Gooden stated Day is trying to set up a headquarters for FEMA. Additionally, Gooden stated that MU Extension Saline County is posting on Facebook how someone can get flood relief and flood ground repair.

Gooden insisted that everyone who requires individual assistance for the flooding should RSVP at 660-886-6908 for the Saline County meeting on Wednesday, Aug. 21, at 6 p.m. This meeting will also include information for repairing flood-damaged fields. Gooden added that MU Extension will continue to keep the public updated on their Facebook page.

Southern Commissioner Monte Fenner stated that road crew has “finished putting in that tube southeast of Herman.” Fenner added that the road crew will continue to grade roads.

“They also checked on any flood damage in the Miami river bottom from the flood of this summer and it seems like most of the roads are in good condition,” Fenner said. “They're going to continue to monitor those.”

Fenner noted that the road crew will continue to keep the public updated on the repair progress.

Saline County Treasurer Marty Smith was also in attendance at the Thursday morning commission meeting. Smith presented the commission with the following tax information for the month of August: Sales Tax $79,979.68 (Down $23,970.72 from last month; Up $2,291.09 from last year); Law Enforcement $59,984.60 (Down $17,978.90 from last month; Up $1,608.69 from last year); Use Tax $52,067.28 (Up $23,539.88 from last month; Up $26,487.28 from last year); Law – Sunset $19,979.71 (Down $5,963.10 from last month; Down $462.07 last year); and Economic Development $79,860.53 (Down $23,042.88 from last month).

The commission pre-approved a payment schedule for Tara Vogelsmeier and the payment schedule for payroll for the county clerk. A correction of $1,987.71 was made from a receipt that was dated Wednesday, Sept. 19, 2018. That correction was approved and went into the tax maintenance fund.

Another item the commission approved was money in the CERF fund. The total amount approved was $11,845.21. Finally, Guthrey read a letter that the commission received from Building and Grounds Supervisor Bill Sleeper. Sleeper requested to dispose of an old desk and tables coming out of the Re-Assessment's office junk room. The commission approved Sleeper's request.

All commissioners were present. The next regular meeting is at 9 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 13.

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