Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor: playground

Friday, June 28, 2019

Dear Editor

In reply to the complaints voiced in your June 26 edition: A completely new and modern park is bound to attract exploration of all kinds, but it soon settles down. There are always people like this when something as new and exciting as our new playground arrives. The old playground is completely neglected, and, in my opinion infinitely more dangerous aside from being blazing hot. Try the slide sometime.

The new park is interactive, and I commend the designers, for I have rarely seen parents and older children have such fun together instead of sitting in the blazing sun hoping they won’t slip and fall. There’s no such activity is in the new park. The zip-line, which I’m assuming is the target for complaints, is so low to the ground, 1.5 feet; older kids quickly tire of it. I saw a few young parents try it once. I wanted to try it myself, but restrained myself. In my three visits, I saw no disrespect for the kids or adults. A spirit of friendliness was pervasive; people talked to one another instead of being lined up in the hot sun.

You’d have to try very hard to get hurt in this park. Pre-teens stayed together on the hammocks and gentler equipment chatting and checking phones. The playground flooring is ultra-cushioned and wouldn’t skin a knee. The jewel of the park, though, is its canopy. Every grandparent I spoke to mentioned that first: shade.

There have always been reckless boys jumping off cliffs and bridges into the rivers or hopping onto the back of a pickup ... but there’s nothing in this park that is remotely dangerous. Indeed, young teens more than any other group need a place to congregate outdoors instead of shutting themselves inside with the computer. Kids of all ages need a safe, shady place in the summer to interact and socialize. This park is fine the way it is. In fact, it’s perfect.

Holly Forsman